How to Save Time & Money When Moving Home

It is well known that moving home can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life. After all, you will need to find a buyer, secure a solicitor, look for another property and pack up your belongings. It can, therefore, be a rather time-consuming process that can cost a large sum.

You will be happy to learn that a little bit of property know-how could lower your stress levels and protect your bank balance. Continue reading to find out how to save both time and money when moving home.

Find the Right Local Estate Agent

A lengthy time on the market could result in you paying many mortgage repayments on an empty property, or it could prevent you from moving into your new home. The right local estate can, however, help you to sell your home at the fastest possible rate. They cannot only market your property, but they will have access to many buyers who could fall in love with your home. Find the right estate agent for your needs at GetAgent.

Remove Clutter

Every homeowner would be smart to declutter their belongings before moving home. By identifying the items you don’t want to take with you to your new address, you could hire a smaller moving van that could save you money. Plus, you will spend less time loading the vehicle, which can result in a smooth, stress-free experience. You also could donate your unwanted possessions to charity or make money by selling them online.

Inform Relevant Companies

Before you hand over the keys to the new property owner, you should notify any relevant companies of your address change. If you fail to cancel a TV package or subscription, you might be billed for the service. Plus, cancelling services or updating your address before a move could prevent hassle once you start over in a new home.

To lower your stress levels and protect your finances, notify the following people/companies of your new address:

  • Family and friends
  • A doctor, dental and/or veterinary practice
  • Insurance companies
  • Bank
  • Subscription providers
  • Energy suppliers
  • HMRC
  • The DVLA

You also should use Royal Mail’s redirection service to ensure that any letters or parcels will be sent to your new address.

Gather Packing Supplies in Advance

Once you have put your home on the market, start gathering various packing supplies. Storage boxes can be pricey, which is why you should visit your local supermarket to collect cardboard boxes for free each week. Most retailers have many boxes in their warehouses that they recycle, but they are often more than happy to donate them to homeowners. It will ensure you have all the boxes you will need, and they won’t cost you a penny.

If you follow the above top tips, you could save a considerable amount of time and money when moving home. Plus, it could lower your stress levels and you will have more spare cash to spend on furniture and accessories at your new property.

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