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How to paint a garden shed

BY Cassie Pryce

28th Jun 2020 Home & Garden

How to paint a garden shed

Add a burst of colour to the corner of your garden by freshening up a shabby outbuilding with a lick of paint

1. As with any painting project, the first step is to carefully prepare the surrounding area before you begin. Lay down tarpaulin sheets or large pieces of cardboard to protect the grass, decking or patio slabs underfoot and don’t forget to tie back or move any plants that are growing nearby. Always check the weather forecast before starting an outdoor painting task; a dry day is needed to avoid water damaging the new paintwork.

2. Use a strong bristle brush to dry clean the wooden panels and remove any dirt or cobwebs that have built up over time. Be thorough with your brushing and be sure to get into all the crevices and joints of the wood. Use masking tape to cover any part of the shed you don’t want to be painted, including hinges, locks and window frames. Cover windows with newspaper to avoid paint splattering onto the panes.

Cuprinol shed.jpg

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3. Once you’ve chosen your paint colour and have done a test patch, you’re ready to begin. Starting at the top of the shed, use a sturdy roller to apply the paint across the wooden panels (or a spray nozzle if suitable with your chosen paint), ensuring even pressure across the surface. Use a brush to then get into the nooks and crannies and to paint the joints between the panels where the roller can’t reach.

4. Following the instructions on the tin, leave the paint to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat. Some manufacturers will only require one coat, while others will recommend two or three for the best results, particularly for brighter coloured paints.

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