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How to make your bedroom super cosy

BY Cassie Pryce

19th Mar 2020 Home & Garden

How to make your bedroom super cosy

Hunker down for the night in a restful retreat with an interior that will help you nod off in no time

Choose a peaceful palette

Your chosen colour scheme will have the biggest impact on the atmosphere of your bedroom and so should be the first port of call when designing the space. A general rule of thumb is to avoid overly bright or vibrant colours in the bedroom, such as red, orange or lime green, as they can cause our brains to react to the energy and become stimulated, which isn’t conducive to a sleeping environment. Some people prefer a fresh, neutral backdrop for an uncluttered look, so opt for white, cream or pale grey, while others may lean towards something cosier and more cocooning, like dark teal or charcoal. Trying out samples of various shades is the best way to see which category you fit into—don’t shy away from testing something out of your comfort zone, you might be pleasantly surprised! 

next bedParis bed, from £499; Sloan white bedside table, £225; glamour table lamp, £45; lightweight stripe throw, £20; soft velour pom edge cushion, £12; boucle cushion, £12, all Next 


Light it up

Selecting the correct lighting is a crucial part of any successful bedroom design, as it can hugely impact the mood that is created and the way the room is used. As well as practical ceiling lighting, don’t forget to introduce smaller pockets of light around the room to help ease you into a sleepy state in the evening—bedside lamps, floor lamps or even fairy lights all offer an alternative to harsh overhead lighting and are better for reading and unwinding before closing your eyes. Choose bulbs that give off a warm white glow, rather than blue light which can be overly bright and counterproductive to assisting sleep. When purchasing light bulbs, the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the bulb—as a rough guide, aim for around 400 lumens for bedside lighting

cox and cox bedroom

Bergen oak bedside table, £275; ribbed concrete-effect table lamp, £45, both Cox & Cox 


Create space to breathe

The arrangement and positioning of your bedroom furniture can impact the overall atmosphere of the room and help you feel at ease in the space. Begin by decluttering as much as possible and opt for furniture with doors to hide away messy clothing racks or shelves. The less freestanding furniture you have in the room, the better, as you will open up floor space to allow the room to appear bigger and less crowded. Built-in wardrobes are ideal for aiding this, as they seamlessly form part of the bedroom walls and mean you don’t need additional freestanding furniture. If you’re struggling for storage space, consider upgrading your bed to an ottoman or divan with storage beneath the mattress.  
go modern furnitureNovamobili Alfa customised wardrobe, from £920, Go Modern Furniture 


Give it a soft touch

Choosing the right bedding for you can make a big difference to the way you sleep. While thread count and material is an important factor to consider when it comes to bed linen, you should also pick suitable pillows and duvets, too. Various factors can affect your quality of sleep: hypoallergenic pillows, for example, are available for those who suffer from allergies, and pillows also now come with a wide range of fillings; from down and feather, to polyester and memory foam, to suit almost all requirements. Depending on whether you tend to get hot or cold whilst sleeping, choose a duvet with an appropriate tog rating—10.5 tog is a good all-round choice, but you may want to increase or decrease the number depending on the season and your personal preferences. 
Abstract line floral bedding set, £22.50; harper throw, £19.50; cotton gauge knit throw in ochre, £49.50; Bradshaw side table, £39; medium seeded vase, £12.50; cotton-rich pillowcases in aqua, £7.50 for two, all Marks & Spencer 


Black it out

If you’re a light sleeper, restricting the amount of daylight coming in through the windows at dawn and dusk will allow you to sleep for longer and cause less disruption to your circadian rhythms. Black out linings on curtains or blinds is a worthwhile addition if you find yourself being woken prematurely by sunlight or streetlamps. If blinds aren’t your style and you prefer the look of curtains in a bedroom, opt for a pleated finish, rather than eyelet, to minimise the amount of light that can filter into the room. 
english blinds

Hadley Ash grey vintage striped black out roller blinds, from £39.55, English Blinds 

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