How to make festive gift tags

Mike Aspinall 20 December 2021

Add a homemade touch to your festivities with these tags

In recent years, eco-friendly and zero-waste living have gone from trendy buzzwords to a way of life for manyincluding myself! And never is that more true than at Christmas. It’s easy to let the waste pile up, especially when it comes to gift wrapping.

But I’ve got a fun, crafty way to help reduce some of that waste!

Last year, I created some free templates for reusable, zero-waste embroidered gift tags, and I’m excited to stitch up some more this year. Each one can be crafted in less than 20 minutes, then reused over and over again.

You could also easily personalise these gift tags, simply by stitching the recipient’s initials onto the design. They could then cut away their initials and stitch a different one, in order to reuse the tag. Or, even better, they could keep their own initials and hang it on their tree as a personalised ornament. 

What you’ll need

  • Printable template (find them at The Crafty Gentleman or draw your own!)
  • Felt or thick card (at least 200gsm)
  • Sewing needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • Tailor’s chalk (if using felt)
  • Scissors

What to do

  1. Print out the gift tag templates, then cut out the design you want to make. If you’re making the tags in card, print them directly onto your cardstockbut if you’re making them in felt, print them onto paper and trace the design onto the felt with tailor’s chalk.
  2. Using your needle and embroidery thread, stitch the design on the template using the dots as a guide. It’s best to use a back stitch to create the design (go forward 2 dots, back 1, forward 2, back one…and so on, to create a continuous line of stitching).

If you’re stitching them in felt, it’s easiest to stitch through both the paper template and the felt, then tear away the paper at the end (rather than trying to transfer all of the dots onto the felt).

If you’re stitching a card tag, try not to bend or tear the card as you do this. It might take a little practise to get a good feel for itbut the effort is definitely worth it!

  1. Build up the design until it’s finished, using as many colours of thread as you want.
  2. Tie off the loose ends and cut away the excess thread.
  3. Finally, tie a loop to the top of the tags, and attach the tag to your gifts.

The simplicity of these tags make them the perfect low effort / high impact craft project. They’re perfect for a relaxing crafternoon with friendsor you could curl up on the sofa with a festive film, and create a whole batch of them. It’s even more fun with a mug of hot chocolate!

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