How to make an Easter Egg cushion at home

Mike Aspinall 20 March 2022

How better to spruce up your sofa than with a new cushion?  

I really enjoy decorating my home for each new season—and with Easter almost here, it’s time to bring out the egg-related crafts!

This month, I’ve put a seasonal spin on the circular cushion trend, by making an Easter egg cushion.

You will need

• Sewing machine

• A circular cushion insert

• Fabric and matching thread

• A zip (approximately half the circumference of your cushion)

• Zipper foot

• Pins

• Tailor’s chalk

• Fabric scissors

What to do

1) Cut two large egg shapes from your fabric (with a width slightly smaller than your cushion insert). Cut a long fabric strip for the side panel, 10cm wide and 5cm longer than the circumference of your egg shapes.

2) Pin the edge of the long strip to the edge of one of the egg shapes, right sides together, all the way round the egg. It’s best to use a lot of pins here, as it will make the sewing step much easier!

3) At the point at which the ends of the strip meet, pin and sew the ends together (right sides facing). Then sew the strip of fabric in place all the way around the egg (with a 1.5cm seam allowance), removing pins as you go.

4) Open the zip completely to separate the two halves. Pin one half of the zip to the base of your egg from the previous step—make sure you pin it to the long strip of fabric, and not to the egg-shaped piece.

5) Use a zipper foot on your sewing machine to this half of the zip to the base of the cushion, removing pins as you go.

6) Sew the other half of the zip to the base of the remaining egg fabric piece.

7) Close the zip, so the front and back panels are pulled together at the base of the egg.

8) All that’s left to do now is to sew the remaining part of the egg closed. Start by pinning the exposed raw edge of the long side strip to the back fabric piece, right sides together. Note that you should be pinning the cushion so that it is inside out.

9) Sew around the edge of the egg to fix the side strip and the back egg piece together (1.5cm seam allowance), removing the pins as you go. You don’t need to sew the base, as is already joined via the zip.

10) Lastly, open the zip and turn the entire cushion cover the right way around through the hole. Fill it with your round cushion insert, and gently shape it so it fills out the egg shape.

These egg cushions are a great way to mix things up a bit for the spring season—and you can have a lot of fun with your choice of fabrics!

Mike Aspinall runs one of the UK’s most popular craft blogs, The Crafty Gentleman, where he shares free DIY tutorials

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