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How to look after your decking


4th Aug 2019 Home & Garden

A deck provides a wonderful place to relax with friends and family, play with kids, and read the paper. However, due to exposure to the elements, this beautiful feature of your home and garden can take a major beating from the weather. For this reason, it is a good idea to establish a clear maintenance plan to help protect it and prevent costly repairs. 

In this guide, we explore some simple steps to ensure your decking is in excellent condition after the wrath of the winter and summer seasons.

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1. Assess the Decking

Check the condition of the deck first to help you determine the ideal cleaning products to use. An assessment also helps you figure out when to handle the job, what with and how long it may take. 

If you’ve got a newly laid deck, it is advisable that you let it weather naturally (for six months) before staining or oiling it. Doing so ensures the existing treatment is completely eroded, thereby allowing stain or new paint to adhere and penetrate the deck properly.

If you notice that your decking is looking completely worn out and a replacement is due or you just want to update the current one to one that requires lower maintenance, then there are many options to choose from. Specialists from ultradecking.co.uk say that composite decking requires minimal maintenance as it never needs staining, oiling, or painting. What’s more, the decking will look newer for longer as they are stain, scratch, and sunlight resistant.

2. Cleaning Your Deck

A lot of homeowners are guilty of neglecting their decks, especially during the winter months when cleaning the decking presents the most cost-efficient way to maintain its longevity. To begin the cleaning process, tackle debris, including mold and moss that may have accumulated on the deck. You can do this with a stiff brush and sweep repeatedly until you’ve cleared everything off the surface. Once you are through, you can then wash it down using a pressure washer to remove extra dirt and stain build up. For a more intense clean, consider a power spray to lift stubborn stains and wait two days before applying any protective coating.

3. Protection

To ensure your deck looks great all year round, you should apply some  protection. The three main forms of protection include decking oil, stain, and decking paint. When these are applied, the layers make the material waterproof and will keep your deck looking superb and effectively shielded from scuffs and knocks.

If you choose to use oil, then you should only apply a thin coat in the beginning, as using an excessive amount only leaves you with an oily surface that will take forever to dry. When the oil is properly applied, it only takes around a day to dry.

Because your decking is a huge investment, you need to put in measures to properly care for it throughout the year for everyone in your family to enjoy. We hope that the tips we present above will come in handy as you prepare to carry out maintenance work. Remember, routine upkeep of the feature will protect it and save you expensive repairs.

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