How to get your allotment growing

Why an allotment?

It seems obvious, but asking yourself why you want an allotment can really focus you and determine how your allotment develops. Consider the type of allotment you have your eye on. Ask the following questions:

  • How big is it?
  • What do you want to use it for?
  • Will it be a source of fresh food, or flowers, or a peaceful space in which to sit and reflect?
  • How long will you stay at the allotment and how much time can you give to it?

An allotment can provide you with fabulous organic food, fresh air, exercise and a sense of community spirit. 

What do you want to grow?

Keep an allotment diary

Planning the plot

So you have your plot and its time to really turn it into your own personal space. Layout and plans are very personal, and it should suit your needs.

Do you want only plants?

Rows, beds or squares?

The physical layout of your plot has many options, all with their own merits.


Rows are simple, but make sure that you put down walk boards so you don't compact the soil.


Raised beds are great if you have trouble bending down, and also good for controlling weeds and pests.


The squares method is to have many individual square feet of plants, making them easy to access and maintain. Do make sure you have enough for crop rotation, to keep the soil full of nutrients and to ward away diseases.

Whatever you choose, you are sure to enjoy the good life of being a proud allotment gardener.