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How to decorate with what you have


24th Oct 2021 Home & Garden

How to decorate with what you have

Let’s be honest here. A lot of us do not really like raining our money every chance we get. Sure, it is fun, but it is hardly economical – unless you find a really awesome mudcloth throw pillow that you love, in this case, go right ahead!

Nevertheless, soon after that moment of clarity following a shopping-spree high, our financial situation hits us like a brick in the face.

However, it might not even be that. Maybe you are someone who does not believe in spending a ton of money on things. After all, DIY does work wonders!

In any case, the fact of the matter is that most of us would prefer to spend a little less money on our home decorations. Another equally important fact is that decorations are almost necessary! After all, we want to feel welcome in our homes, not blanked out!

Thankfully, as stated by a number of sages, “the best things in life are free”. So, let’s go through the concoction of decorations we have cooked up for you that you could do with the things you have.

Create a spectacular wall

By creating a spectacular wall, we do not mean building one. So, hold back those wheel boroughs and bricks for a bit!

What creating a spectacular wall means is simply decorating one particular wall in your preferred room (or rooms) with some things you might already have. These things could include the amazing piece of artwork hanging dully in your kitchen. Or it could be a slim, rectangular mirror that is standing covered in your attic since you moved in.

Preferably, the decorations would be sized according to the wall and arranged in a way that would make it a focal point. Remember, we want an eye-catcher, not a snoozefest!

Revisit that chest of family treasures

Most people do not realize the grace that they have forgotten in their family treasure trove. That cute little pocket diary or those three small figurines your aunt brought back from Italy, do not deserve that silent treatment. The thing is that a number of those small items could serve a purpose on your little tables far greater than just that musty old tablecloth!

We would recommend miniature pieces if you can find them. Big ones work pretty good as well, but you have to be careful where you put them. However, do not go overboard. After all, we want this idea to appear quirky and charming – not a downright mess!

 Books! Books! Books!

That’s right folks. Books have sat too long in your shelves, collecting all that dust. While we are sure that you have read them (we certainly hope so), it is time to introduce them to their newer homes. Now, these could be a number of places. While a book or two would certainly elevate that coffee table’s sitting grace, a few carefully placed ones could make the desks at your home feel more interesting.

Be sure to include some hardback ones because they do go well with tables. Perhaps, it is the angle or that old feel – we do not know. But we do love it!

Show memories that are dear to you

Within our lives, we will find that we have been with some amazing people, in some amazing places. We shared some great times and we might find that certain objects we have – or don’t have – remind us of those magical moments. So, why not share them with others, or even revisit them, in our safe place?

This is a fun concept. Particularly due to the meaning it may hold for you, or those living with you. Whether it is the first painting your child made or the first gift your partner gave you, why not revisit and honor it as part of your home?

Design a plate display

Easily, some of the most eye-catching parts of your home décor are items that have a contrasting shape or color with their surroundings. So, it is finally time to add some of those plates you have rarely used (or would simply rather gawk at) to the wall behind your bedpost!

Not only do plate displays look absolutely fun against a plain wall, but they can also greatly enhance the overall playfulness of any decorations or colors around them. Do make sure you plan the design out beforehand to avoid any unnecessary damages to the wall!

When decorating our house, we sometimes overlook the most important aspect of what makes it our home; our attachment to it. Yes, we do want it to appear more updated, bigger, more beautiful – but at the end of the day, we truly want to love it. Decorating it with what we already have exposes this love and attachment.

That is a beautiful thing indeed! 

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