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How to create a home office

BY Alison Cork

1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

How to create a home office

Alison answers your questions on creating a home office that really works for you.

Q: I want a trendy home office without compromising on comfort. Do you have any recommendations for choosing the right chair?

A: It’s all well and good to find a chair you absolutely love the look of, but that affection goes right out the window once you discover your dream seat can be likened to a torture device. Go with a high-quality piece with lumbar support, adjustable settings and padding. To add style and flair, have the chair reupholstered in a fabric of your choice and feel free to have fun with texture, colour and pattern.

Cornell Swivel Office Chair


Q: I don’t have a dedicated room for a home office, but I’m desperate for a space to get work done!  What can I do?

A: An office doesn’t always have to take up an entire room. In fact, your productive sanctuary can fit nicely into any existing space, from guest rooms and lofts to living rooms. Find a free corner or wall and begin setting up by adding a few key pieces like a desk, chair and shelf. Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to add accessories that inspire you, such as decorative books or framed prints featuring your favourite quotes.

Home Office

Office Politics

Revamp your home office for a more productive work space.

Chic colours

The beauty of working from home means the entire space is yours to decorate. Go with a colour that personally stimulates your mind—and don’t be afraid to go bright and bold!

Molokai Blue and Tango, £41.63, ecospaints.com

Light the way to success

Anglepoise Type 75 LED Lamp

Be kind to your eyes and aid concentration with the right lighting. Invest in a good quality (and effortlessly chic) desk lamp with an adjustable arm.

Anglepoise Type 75 LED Lamp, £120, design55online.co.uk


Stylish shelving

The Ledge Shelf

From unassuming floating shelves to trendy industrial standing structures, shelving is a smart way to surround yourself with practical objects and accessories that inspire you.

The Ledge Shelf, £55, stuffofdreams.com

Alison Cork is a home expert and journalist who writes for the Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard and Reader's Digest. She is the founder of the homeware brand Alison at Home and One Regent Place—an online outlet for heavily discounted furniture and accessories