How to create a home bar for Christmas

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Be sure to really impress your guests this holiday season with a stylish and well-stocked bar area at home to keep the party going. Here's how to create one yourself. 

Choosing your bar

choosing your bad
Logan white drinks cabinet, via Next

If you want to invest in a statement piece of furniture to house your bar and become a feature all year round, go for a cabinet with plenty of storage inside and a flat surface for styling your display when hosting.

A unit with doors is perfect for hiding away bottles if you don’t want them on show all the time, or choose a glass-fronted design if you want your collection to take centre stage. A vintage bureau can be transformed into a small bar area in next to no time, or choose a statement sideboard to work into your existing décor and double-up as extra storage.



"Head to your local charity shop or car boot sale and you might pick up a bargain"



For something a little less permanent, opt for a retro drinks trolley as your bar station; this can either be left out and changed up for different seasons or wheeled away once the party’s over. Drinks trollies are a hot buy this season and stores including Oliver Bonas and Wayfair are retailing them this winter.

Alternatively, head to your local charity shop or car boot sale and you might be lucky and pick one up for a bargain price. Be sure to give it a good clean before use and, if you’re feeling creative, why not bring it up to date with a coat of gold spray paint? 


Kit out your bar space

All above via Oliver Bonas

Before you’re ready to serve up your favourite tipples, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right accessories to hand. Plenty of glassware is a must—tumblers, flutes and cocktail vessels—as well as a stylish shaker to mix your concoctions.

Keep a small strainer, a muddler, a long spoon and a spirit measure on your bar and, if you have space, complete the look with an eye-catching ice bucket.

Store glasses upside down when not in use to stop them from getting dusty and get in the habit of washing up all your bar tools at the end of the night.


Add some sparkle

create your own home bar
All above, House of Fraser

How you style your bar area is up to you, and there are numerous ways to add a little festive wow-factor.

Start with a statement accessory, such as a carnival-style light or a miniature Christmas tree, to work your display around, then add finishing touches like scatter confetti or party streamers depending on how much space you have.

String balloons filled with helium to the top of a drinks cart or hang paper garlands on the wall to extend your styling beyond the bar itself if you want to create a show-stopping focal piece for the party.

Don’t forget the finer details, too; kit out the bar with pretty paper straws, fun drinks stirrers and cocktail umbrellas, as well as glass markers to make sure no one loses their drink.

Now you've got your bar, you'll want some drinks inspiration. Why not try these three simple recipes:


Chocolate orange

chocolate orange
Image via The Bar

  1. Pour 35ml of Bailey’s Chocolat Luxe into a glass with a few cubes of ice
  2. Add 25ml of an orange liqueur
  3. Stir thoroughly before serving and garnish with a stick of cinnamon to finish.


White mulled wine

white mulled wine
Image via Spice and Tea

  1. Mix two bottles of medium-dry white wine with 500ml of a light cider and 150ml of fruity elderflower cordial
  2. Zest two lemons and add to the pan, heating the ingredients but not to boiling point
  3. Add two cinnamon sticks and a vanilla pod to spice the drink
  4. Stir in a couple of tablespoons of caster sugar to sweeten.


Amaretto fizz

Amaretto Fizz
Image via U Magazine

  1. Mix 400ml of Disaronno with 600ml of orange juice and two 75cl bottles of sparkling wine
  2. Mix together well and serve in champagne flutes
  3. Add a strip of orange zest on each to garnish.


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