How to care for roses

Floribunda roses

With regular deadheading, they will flower more or less continuously from June to November, but may need to be treated against mildew and black spot.

Ramblers or climbing roses

Vigorous ramblers look their best when allowed to sprawl over a fence or the top of a wall. Pruning involves removing any old or unproductive wood in winter and trying in long stems that might get in the way.

Good companion plants

Image via: Mad with joy

Roses make good companion plants. From midsummer, the cool spikes of delphiniums provide a contrast of colour and shape. For spring interest, underplant rose bushes with bulbs.

'Albertine' rambler rose

The pink rambler rose ‘Albertine’ does not repeat, but has a long flowering spell. There is no need for deadheading, since while stems that have finished flowering can be removed in the autumn. For a lovely display, plant with a rose of a different colour, such as the crimson gallica, ‘Charles de Mills’.