How aluminium windows add value to your home?

When it comes to real estate and house renovations, there seems to be an endless choice of materials that a homeowner can use. In fact, the sky is the limit of human imagination and ingenuity. However, it's also true that humans are naturally fickle-minded as they often make mistakes when presented with a lot of choices.

This is common for homeowners looking to add value to their homes. Due to a variety of choices, homeowners forget that certain materials can fulfill almost all of their requirements without the need to look elsewhere.

Among these useful materials is aluminium, which is widely used to enhance the beauty of an existing or a new home. Instead of looking for another property to buy, an increasing number of homeowners are renovating their homes using aluminium windows to increase the curb appeal.

Value Proposition

Here are a few reasons why aluminium is a solution to most problems and how it adds value to a real estate:

  • Home Beautification and Appeal: Adding an aluminium window or a door to the exterior of a house provides a sleek and elegant look to the structure. The elegance is enhanced by the larger glass surface area in an aluminium window that allows more light to filter through the house. Since aluminium frames come in all kinds of color, finishing, and shape, the outer dimensions can be customized to fit every corner of the house. Similarly, these windows can be tailormade to blend with any kind of existing architectural design. The end result is a simple, refined, and elegant look that will certainly add value to your home without expending thousands of dollars to move into a new home.
  • Interior Space: While modern aluminium structures offer a great curb appeal to your house, aluminium frames, windows, and doors will certainly increase the value of a home to a potential investor. As highlighted above, aluminium windows are made of extremely sturdy material that allows the sleek frame to hold a very large glass in place. It's precisely why glasshouses, conservatories, and glass skyscrapers use such windows to attract the public imagination. Once installed, large windows will complement the inner space by creating the perception of extra space. If there is a small cozy room at your home, try to install large aluminium frames to give the room a larger look. Just imagine how it feels to relax in a cozy room in winter months with the sunlight filtering through the large windows.
  • Cost-Effective: Installing aluminium frames is a cost-effective solution that can prevent homeowners from spending needless cash on restoration and maintenance. Modern aluminium frames are insulated to provide maximum protection from heat and cold in summer and winter months. The sturdy frame can sustain severe weather conditions without changes to its structure. The property of aluminium to withstand changes in temperature and surrounding environment makes it a great choice for a nearly hassle-free solution for homes and buildings. Unlike wooden frames, aluminium doesn't have pest and termite infestation issues. It means that homeowners can rely on the material to give them more value for their money in the long-run.
  • Modern Technology: Aluminium is the future of modern architecture due to its ability to integrate with a variety of technological innovations and design. There is no doubt that these windows are strong, light, and almost maintenance-free making them a great choice for homeowners. In recent years, the value is greatly enhanced by using technology that can overcome insulation issues. Nowadays, metal frames are built with thermal frames, a plastic strip placed inside and outside of the frame. This composition helps increase heat flow and the U-factor making aluminium windows as efficient as any other material. Auckland based,Window Factory, is popular for offering such high-tech aluminium joinery windows.

Construction Ideas

Existing homeowners don't need to buy another real estate to increase their quality of living. By adding certain design elements to the existing property, they can take their lifestyle to an entirely new level at comparatively less cost. Here are three more ideas that highlight how anyone can use aluminium frames to improve the outlook of their homes:

  • Add a Conservatory: It's common for architects and town planners to add all-glass conservatories to an existing structure. These conservatories are mostly supported by a large aluminium window, door, and a frame. Current technology also allows architects to design glass conservatories that can blend with any type of modern or historic structure. The huge variety of finishings and colors help designers match the existing style of homes. Apart from giving a refined look to an existing structure, these glass conservatories improve the value of a home by providing additional space to relax outdoors without venturing outside in the cold or hot weather. In fact, these conservatories may not require planning permission or special license if erected on the original house footprint.
  • Change the Outlook: Most houses have traditional sash windows that were only in-demand decades earlier when the house was built. Homeowners are often reluctant to change these windows due to the fear of high costs associated with such renovations. The end result is a shabby-looking exterior that decreases the overall value of a house. If the cost is a concern, it's important to realize that aluminium panels and door frames are not expansive. Anything from a double-glazed window to bifold doors can be installed inexpensively. In addition to getting an improved outlook, homeowners will also love increased insulation and reduced energy bills.
  • Build an Extension: When adding space to an existing structure or looking for a place to relax, building an extension can also increase the value of a house. Homeowners can use bespoke aluminium panels to design intricate and attractive extensions to any house. If designed properly, the aluminium structure will help improve the value of a home by increasing its space and aesthetic value.

In recent decades, the design and construction technology has improved tremendously. This progress gives homeowners choice, flexibility, and cost savings that were nearly impossible to achieve just a decade earlier. It's not an overstatement to suggest that modern aluminium structures offer homeowners a chance to extract maximum value-for-money when designing or renovating a home.

Perhaps, the only thing to remember is not to take any risks when buying, installing, and renovating your home. It means that you should rely only on an experienced builder and a service-oriented company to do the work for you. Similarly, make sure that the supplier can offer high-tech and custom-designed windows, doors, and metal structures that can withstand the harsh climate of New Zealand.

The Auckland based Window Factory is a family-owned business, which is known to offer the highest quality aluminium joinery for over 30 years. It's a popular company for building conservancies and replacing existing structures with new residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Just pick up the phone and talk to one of the Window Factory consultants to learn about the cost savings and get an idea of what modern technology can do for you.

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