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Home Security Trends You Have to Know About in 2020


6th Feb 2020 Home & Garden

Home Security Trends You Have to Know About in 2020

We all want to make sure our homes our safe. If we suspect our home is being targeted by burglars, instead of being paranoid, we can use high-tech solutions to do something about it. The emerging home security trends in 2020 are giving people control over what is most valuable to them.

You may have found yourself out of the loop, so here are the home security trends you simply have to know about in 2020.

Smart AI-Powered Systems

The emergence of "smart" technology is becoming really apparent in 2020. These systems and devices secure your home by using machine learning and advanced technology. Everything from outdoor security, fire watch security, voice assistants, video monitoring, and smart fixtures are being powered by smart and AI-powered systems. There are even solutions now available that can detect leaks and turn off the water lines automatically once they do.

GPS Tracking & Geo-fencing

A significant number of individuals and families have pets. Sometimes, they can go missing, leaving people worried and frustrated that they cannot find their beloved cats and dogs. Thankfully, this will no longer be an issue in 2020. Security solutions are now providing the option of having pets tracked using GPS, while integrating the tracking into their security systems. A pet's collar would feature a geo-fencing ability that would transmit notifications to a pet's owner if they end up missing one day.

All-in-One Smart Hubs

With your home being the center of your life, it makes sense to have a security solution that is centralized as well. All-in-one smart home security systems combine several key security features into one system. This can include things like video monitoring installed within a doorbell that streams video to you anywhere in the world. It's innovations like this that are going to deliver the most cost-effective and comprehensive security solutions in 2020.

Miniature Security Drones

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but miniature drones can now be deployed to scan and monitor your property. These drones usually fly at a height of 20 feet and obtain identifying information on potential burglars and other targets trespassing on your turf. The drones feature biometric scanning capabilities and can recharge in less than half a minute. Miniature drones are able to be remotely controlled by either using a special radio controller or even using an Android smartphone.

Cloud-Based Technology

The cloud has become increasingly important in many major industries. The home security arena is now getting interested in using this technology, given the inherent complexity of smart devices. By using cloud-based technology for home security, you are making a choice to use something more user-friendly that monitors itself and can be used from anywhere in the world. Storing large quantities of images and video taken by surveillance systems is not simple and easy. Costs can stay low and data can be accessed with ease.

Wrapping Up

Protecting your home is essential for keeping you and your belongings safe. The home security trends mentioned earlier are ones you should definitely look into, if you want to protect your home. If you need more info and tips on home security solutions, Property Guard Master can be really helpful. With the modern advances in technology we have today, it is easier than ever to protect what we value the most.

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