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Here's why you should install garden lights

Here's why you should install garden lights

Gardens at night are a whole different ballgame. We say "yes please" to having a beautiful, sparkly, well-lit night-time sanctuary

A growing number of home owners are choosing to illuminate their gardens with an ever-expanding range of lighting options, and if you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth investing yourself then here are a few examples of why it might just be worthwhile…


Extend the day

Perhaps the most obvious reason for fitting lights in your garden is to extend the time you can enjoy being outside without stumbling around in the dark. 

If you’re looking at creating good visibility for socialising or a spot of midnight weeding then it’s worth investing in a set of lights with the power to match—those will a soft, gentle glow will barely spread their beams beyond the base of the light. 

With powerful lights it’s also worth making sure they’re easy to switch on and off so you’re not dazzling the neighbourhood when you head for bed—some solar lighting options don’t give you this basic functionality.

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Provide security

Thieves tend to operate under the cover of darkness so one of the ways you reduce your chances of being burgled is by projecting light. 

Again, a good, bright light is preferable to startle would-be intruders and reveal their illegal activities. There are numerous lights available that are triggered by movement, so you don’t have the problem of bright beams on full power throughout the night. They can be battery operated, run off electricity or utilise solar power—particularly useful if you want to fit it to an exposed shed or path that doesn’t have access to your electricity supply.


Light decoration

As the evening gets darker, your stunning garden displays will fade into the background, so lights are a good way of maximising the creative look of your land even after the sun has set. 

A well-placed light beneath a tree or within a flower border can not only show off the plants but also create a whole new display of light and shadow. 

Or if you’re the party type then suspending a few glowing globes from the branches of trees or wrapped around the fence can add a sparkle to an evening social occasion.

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Keep it wild

Whilst softly glowing lights won’t do much to help you see everything in the garden, they’re often all you need to indulge in a spot of wildlife spotting. 

Folk with a fascination for moths and other nocturnal insects can admire the beauty of these tiny creatures as they’re attracted to your glowing objects; and if you’re feeling restless during the small hours of the night then keep an eye trained outside the window and you might just catch a passing fox, hedgehog or badger… and besides admiring their magnificence you’ll also know what is responsible for invading your precious vegetable bed.


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