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Easy projects you can do with adhesives


14th Jul 2021 Home & Garden

Easy projects you can do with adhesives

Many people avoid DIY projects because they're worried they don't have the skills. But there are plenty of easy projects you can do using adhesives and a few basic items!

Drink coaster

Coasters protect your table from drink stains, but they can also be attractive accessories for your kitchen table. All you need is some twine and hot glue.


  • Add some glue to the end of the twine
  • Keep snaking the twine around in a circular shape, dabbing some glue after every roll until you are satisfied with the size
  • Cut the twine once the coaster looks big enough.

Leather headband

You can take an old belt, cut thin strips of leather from it, braid these strips, and glue them after each braid. When you have braided the strips to a desirable length, fold them into the shape of a headband and glue the ends.

Cover up a hole in your jeans

You can hide a hole in your jeans with a patch of lace and some glue.


  • Turn your jeans inside out
  • Use the patch of lace and adhesive to cover the hole
  • Your jeans are not just hole-free; they now look more fashionable.

Glue gun bottle

Apart from joining items, devices like hot glue guns also assist in decorative household projects. An example of such projects is the glue gun bottle. With your glue gun, you can create designs and even write messages to your loved ones on glass bottles. The hot melt glue is one of the best adhesives easy to use for this project.

Rope coil basket

You can use ropes and adhesive to create a rope coil basket.


  • You need a long rope, a bucket, and a pair of scissors
  • Dab some glue at the end of the rope to keep its strands from opening
  • Roll the rope around the bucket, adding a dab of adhesives after each inch
  • Stop rolling the rope when you are satisfied with the size of the basket
  • Cut the end of the rope and put some glue on it
  • Then, remove the bucket.

Geometric paper bowls

Do you need a container to store your craft supplies? Make geometric paper bowls out of paper and glue to house your tools.


  • Cut out hard paper and fold it into different shapes, leaving the top of the shapes open
  • Glue the edges together

Paper bead bracelet

Who says bracelets must always be made of real beads? You can create your bracelet out of paper and glue, and your friends may never notice unless they touch it.

To make your paper bracelet, you need coloured paper, a pair of scissors, glue, a ruler, a pencil, a toothpick, and a stretch of yarn.


  • Draw rectangles, isosceles triangles, and right-angled triangles of about 25cm long each on your paper
  • Cut them out carefully
  • Add some glue at one end of each paper shape
  • Now, roll each shape around the toothpick until all their sides are glued
  • Remove the toothpick and leave the paper bead to dry
  • Repeat this process with all the shapes until you have enough beads to fit your wrist size
  • Put some glue at the end of each bead to hold them together
  • Once the glue is dry, insert a stretch yarn into the glued beads
  • Draw the yarn through the beads and tie a knot at the end
  • You can now wear your paper beads.