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Detox your work space for the New Year

Detox your work space for the New Year

Kick start the new year by refreshing your home office and transforming your workspace into a stylish and well-structured study. Our resident interiors expert Cassie Pryce shows you how. 

Getting organised

get your desk organised
Caroline Gardner Ditsy weekly planner via Daisy Park

Lots of us spend as many hours a day at our desks as we do sleeping, so creating the right working environment is key when it comes to productivity and managing stress levels at work.

With the new year ahead, January is the perfect time to re-think your office area and give it a thorough spring clean to reorganise and refresh the space. 

Try to start new habits for the new year when it comes to your working routine, too. Clearing your desk every evening means you will start each day with a clear mind, and tidying up your computer desktop regularly will help keep projects in order.


Clean slate

detox your desk

Decluttering your desk is the first—and most important—challenge and a great way to sort through old paperwork from the previous year. Shred and recycle anything that isn’t needed (don’t forget to check you have a digital version first) and then set up a filing system that allows you to store away important documents for the future.

Divide files into easy to identify categories such as invoices, contracts, orders and clients to keep the filing arrangement in order. You could even try using a colour-coding format to help you find documents more easily.

Set aside a tray or a separate space on the surface of your desk for new or incoming work, so it’s easy to keep track of new information as it comes in and doesn’t spread across the whole surface.


Storage solutions

storage solutions for tidy desk
Trigon bulletin board, Anglepoise Type 75 desk lamp and Bloomingville calendar all via Amara

Many of us have to work with a limited desk space, so storage is a vital part of keeping the area well organised and clutter free.

As well as filing cabinets and drawer units, be smart with the space to maximise storage potential; floating shelves on the walls surrounding your desk are ideal for keeping box files off the desk but still within easy reach.

For a pretty yet practical touch, hang a noticeboard above your desk to pin notecards, to-do lists and inspiration, but try to keep them to a minimum so the board doesn’t look overly busy or create a distraction. Pegboards are a trendy alternative to noticeboards and you can even buy small shelves to slot onto them for extra storage of things like pen pots, tapes and small pieces of stationery.


Wired up

cable organiser
Image via Ali Express

Nearly all of our desks are home to various pieces of technology that we use throughout our working day. From computer screens to printers, speakers to scanners, these all come with a bundle of wires and plugs that can instantly make an office space look untidy and disorganised.

Buy a set of cable organisers that can stick to the back of your desk to run wires through, so not only are they hidden from sight, but you can easily identify which belongs to each item without having to detangle a confusing mess. To keep one less wire away from your desk, try IKEA’s smart Riggad lamp which has a handy charging pad on the surface to charge your mobile phone without plugging it in.


Bright idea

get the right lighting for work space
Caspian paper lampshade and task table lamp both Cuckooland

Implementing the correct lighting is important for any working environment, particularly if there isn’t a source of natural light near your desk. Hang a large pendant above your desk space to disperse light around the area, then use a desk or task lamp to channel a more direct light to your laptop or reading area.

Go for a stylish design to give your desk some personality. A retro-style angle poise light is a design classic that can be repositioned as required, or choose a lamp that clamps onto the side of your desk if space is limited.


Personal space

tidy your desk space

We all have different ways of organising that work well for us as individuals, so embrace your methods and work them into your study arrangements.

Why not add personalised labels to glass jars to store pens and pencils, or get creative and decorate magazine files with patterned papers to customise the look of your desk?

By designing a space you love, you’ll find you’re more motivated to work and enjoy spending time at your desk which, in turn, will increase your productivity. Keep a house plant on your desk or nearby; some plants, such as spider plants, actually help purify the air so are a great addition to any workspace.


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