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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas on a Budget


30th Jan 2019 Home & Garden

Are you planning to remodel or add an extra bathroom in your home? Renovation can sometimes be a costly project to undertake but with a creative mind you can remodel within your budget. With the additional bonus that adding that bathroom or modernising your current bathroom can add value to your home

You can give your bathroom an exciting look by painting, replacing fixtures, installing a rain shower head, putting tiles, using beautiful countertops, and repairing the sink among other things. These items can be expensive, but you can plan appropriately and redesign at a low cost.

Below are 5 tips that you can use to redesign your bathroom without going over your budget.

1. Don’t use many tiles

Your home may look extraordinary with tiles from the floor, ceiling, walls, and sinks. But Instead of breaking your budget, you can focus on floor tiles, and tailor the walls to your taste and colour schemes by painting them instead. Additionally, you can consider using inexpensive improvement starting with tiles which can help you achieve your goals.

2. Use inexpensive countertops

Countertops are generally expensive, especially the granite countertops which are trending in the market. However, you can still save your money with a little creativity. Remember that if you buy the countertops with astonishing colors, you must be ready to add some cash to your budget. But are you prepared to incur that cost? If not, then go for less trendy colours that can be more within your budget.

Similarly, perfectly made countertops are costly compared to tops with flaws. The big question is who will see those imperfections in the bathroom,especially if the sink basin will hide them? Thus, be creative and purchase the inexpensive ones.

3. Redecorate your bathroom by painting

Painting your bathroom can be the best option to give your house an impressive and fresh look as well as save on cost. However, don’t just buy any paint, choose a specific bathroom paint - these are durable, washable and mildew resistant and will avoid the development of mold. 

4. Reuse old accessories and bathtubs

Buying new sink faucets and light fixtures to use for your bathroom redesig can be expensive - see if you can refresh the old ones you had. 

It’s essential to know that your bathtub can be professionally relined to give your bathroom a striking look.

5. Shop materials from inexpensive stores

Whether you are buying new or used fixtures and tiles, it’s advisable to shop around and seek the trader with the lowest price. Remember that some stores sell their items at a high cost, and you can get the same materials from another dealer with a lower cost to ensure you are within your remodeling budget

If you want to renovate your bathroom, then ensure you plan for the cost that you have budgeted. Remember, you don’t have to put tiles everywhere, nor do you have to use new fixtures and expensive countertops. You can plan well and re-use the old materials creatively to achieve the remodeling goals.