An organized and clear home is important for the start of a good year

As 2022 is on the horizon, most of us often tend to look back at our year and observe the amount of clutter that has accumulated over these quick twelve months.

Cleaning your space before the new year can be a very therapeutic and rewarding experience, and you may even be able to donate stuff you do not need anymore, just in time for the holidays.

To make it easier for you to organize your space, there are now many essential products that will help you achieve an optimal New Year’s cleanup. Here are some tips you can use in your big declutter to start the year with a fresh mind and home alike.

  1. Invest in storage boxes

Storage boxes are arguably the most useful yet underrated tool you can use to give your house a clean and tidy look. On one hand, they are very useful for organizing your items in a way you can easily label and find them later, such as having a medicine box, a chargers and cables box, a cat toys box etc. In addition, they are great for making your home look way nicer. If you struggle with storage space, adding some neutral boxes on top of your closet or under your bed can offer you extra space, without having to put all of your items on display and ruin your decor.

A box we have been enjoying this year can be found here.

  1. Store your papers away smartly

Similar to the previous tip, we recommend taking the time to look through your documents. Surely, you have been holding onto some bills, receipts, or contracts that are now void and therefore useless.

Once you have safely discarded documents you no longer need, it is smart to store the important papers in a box that you can hide in a safe space. Moreover, this gives you the possibility to label the folders into personal documents, contracts, warranties, and anything else you might need to keep safe. To achieve this, we recommend the bankers box by Fellowes.

In addition to legal documents, if you struggle to store away your office supplies, your mail, or your magazines, the magazine rack and letter tray can come in handy as well. 

  1. Throw it in the bin

Sometimes, you just have to let some things go, and there is no better time than this to see which things you can get rid of. Of course, try to reuse or donate as much as you can, but unavoidably there will be items that just need to be thrown out.

When you do that, make sure to properly recycle by sorting your trash when disposing of it. A good tool for this is this eco waste bin.


Besides doing yourself and your home a favor, you can also help the planet during your big clean - all of the products mentioned in this article are eco-friendly.

You can purchase the previously mentioned office storage products as well as school and arts and craft products on Office Stationery’s website. While you are there, you can check out their entire selection of purely eco-friendly stationery and office supplies.

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