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8 great ways to add value to your home in 2020


18th Nov 2019 Home & Garden

8 great ways to add value to your home in 2020

Are you considering spending some money on your home in 2020?  Then you are probably thinking about the things you want, the features you need or the benefits you would see from the changes.  But it is also worth thinking about how the work you are doing will increase the value of the home?

Not all improvements have the same potential return.  And while this shouldn’t stop you doing what you want, it is worth considering what work will add value to your home as well as adding the features you need.  Here are seven great ways to add to your home – and its value.

Upgrade the bathroom

Most experts will tell you that the bathroom and kitchen are the most important rooms in a house so if your bathroom is looking a little past its best, then it is a good area to focus on for improvement.  

A new bathroom suite can change the look of the room completely and is a good time to focus on things like having a good quality shower.  Not only will this be great for you and your family, but it will also catch the eye of potential buyers if you decide to sell.

You may want to consider adding a bathroom if your home is a little lacking.  A downstairs toilet and sink doesn’t need a lot of room but is a big selling point for your home – and for your family!  Plus, regulations around were to add these are much less strict than in past times.

Add a garage

If you don’t have a garage, then adding an oak bay garage, for example, can not only increase the home’s value but also make it stand out from the neighbours.  Oak frame garages are much easier to erect than brick-built while still having the same longevity. Plus, they look much more appealing than standard brick construction.

A garage doesn’t have to just be somewhere to put the car either.  You can build it with the aim of later converting it into a usable space or even create it as a hobby or work area from the start.  Just watch those building regulations and ensure the work comes under Permitted Development by talking to your local planning department.

Extend the kitchen

If your kitchen isn’t very big, then adding an extension to make it bigger could be a great project for 2020.  Making the kitchen bigger by using something like a side-return extension can have the potential to increase the house price by 15% but also makes it much more appealing to buyers.

Extending the kitchen allows you to add more cupboard space, worktop areas or even something like a dining room space if you don’t already have one.  These areas can be light and airy with roof lights and make the whole kitchen brighter and more welcoming.


Add a new boiler or heating system

The energy efficiency of your home is a big issue and that’s why adding a new boiler or heating system can be a great way to add value to your home but also save money on utility bills.  The older a boiler gets, the less efficient it is and this costs you money in wasted gas and electricity.

Upgrading the system will allow you to get the benefits of a newer, more efficient boiler. It also means you will get a higher rating on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that all homes need to have when going up for sale.  This is something more buyers look at than ever so helps your home stand out from others with a lower rating.

Convert the loft

In many houses, the loft just sits there, underused and ignored.  But there’s the potential for a big space that can be converted into something useful.  For example, turning the loft into a bedroom can add as much as 15% to the value of the house and also means you can go from a three to four-bedroom or so on.

You don’t need to just limit yourself to a bedroom for the conversion either.  From a home office to a cinema room, a games room for the kids or even just a good quality storage area, there are loads of things you can do with a loft providing you have the right people to look at it.

Convert the basement

Not all homes have a basement but if you do have one, then a basement conversion by a specialist company is definitely something to consider for two reasons.  The first is that you gain the extra space needed and make the home more appealing.  The second is to ensure the basement isn’t a source of damp or other problems that could come up in a survey.

There are lots of uses for a converted basement and by making it into usable space, you could increase the home’s value by as much as 30%.  Even if you don’t have a basement, it is possible to add one to the home, although this is a much bigger and more expensive project.

Add a conservatory

Adding a conservatory to the home remains a popular and cost-effective way to extend the home and that isn’t changing.  With Permitted Development, it is easier than ever to add a conservatory, often without the need for planning permission.  There are also lots of styles that you can choose from.

In addition to classic conservatories, there are orangeries, sunrooms and garden rooms.  These all have varying degrees of glazing and brickwork so can be used for a wide range of purposes.  From dining to a home office to a second living room, the conservatory is ideal.

Work on the kerb appeal

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your home is if the kerb appeal lets it down.  That means things like the front garden, the drive, the exterior of the home and even things like the front fence.  

So, if you have some money to spend and there are no big projects inside that need the funds, look at the exterior of the house from the view of a buyer.  Consider what they would see and where you could spend money that is practical but also improves the look of the house.

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