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8 Great shredders for home or office use


14th Feb 2024 Home & Garden

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8 Great shredders for home or office use
Shredders are a staple appliance in the office and also at home, useful for getting rid of unwanted paperwork
A shredder is an inexpensive and straightforward method of wastepaper and document management, able to get rid of unwanted paper in seconds.
Shredders will generally look and function the same, but you can get slight variations in things like run time and the amount of paper you can feed in one go. You don’t necessarily need to break the bank for a good, reliable shredder and this list proves that, with several great options for use at home or in the office.

Bonsaii 6-sheet shredder

Bonsaii shredder
Coming with a retractable handle for portability, this shredder is great for regular use. Being able to shred six sheets of paper at once, as well as smaller items like credit cards, staples and clips.
It also has overheat protection with an auto-shut off feature to help with long-term durability.
Capacity – 13 litres

Amazon Basics 7-8 sheet shredder

Amazon Basics shredder
Able to get the job done with ease, this shredder is straightforward to operate and ideal for use in your home office or for a small business.
It has an eight-sheet capacity, alongside an auto-start feature, and a reverse feed function to help clear pieces of paper stuck in the device.
Capacity – 12 litres

Fellowes 8-sheet shredder

Fellowes shredder
This Fellowes shredder can take up to eight sheets at once, featuring a handy safety lock to prevent it from being accidentally used. Its spacious 15 litre capacity can hold 75 A4 sheets of paper and includes a viewing window for easily seeing the levels of wastepaper in its basket.
Capacity – 15 litres

Rexel 8-9 sheet shredder

Rexel shredder
This sleek and modern designed shredder comes in a few different versions that can take different amounts of paper (from six to ten sheets). With all the models operating quietly, it has a three minutes of continuous run time for getting rid of those unwanted documents.
Capacity – 15 litres

Duronic 5-sheet shredder

Duronic shredder
This cross-cut shredder is a bit more compact in size but can still shred five sheets of A4 paper at once. The cross-cut functionality shreds paper into small pieces rather than into strips.
It also has a thermal overload function to protect the device malfunctioning from excess heat that can be generated when regularly shredding.
Capacity – 12 litres

Bonsaii 10-sheet shredder

Bonsai shredder
Similar to the previously mentioned Bonsaii shredder, this model can take up to ten sheets of paper at once and can also shred staples, clips and credit cards.
It features a transparent front-facing window and a carrying handle for easily emptying the waste basket as well as carrying the shredder around if needed.
Capacity – 21 litres

Dahle 5-sheet shredder

Dahle shredder
Coming in a white finish, this powerful shredder will do the job discarding unwanted documents and to do it relatively quietly.
The machine is GDPR compliant, shredding paper into 5 x 18mm crosscuts, and it can impressively shred continuously for 25 minutes. This is helped by the shredder being oil-free, which makes it both environmentally friendly and longer lasting.
Capacity – 12 litres

VidaTeco 10-sheet shredder

VidaTeco shredder
Compact and convenient to use, this shredder is great for regular home or office work, with fast shredding and a five-minute continuous runtime. The shredder has a 40-minute cool cycle and features an LED indicator to inform you if the shredder is overheating.
Capacity – 15 litres
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