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7 Tips To Make A Small Garden Look Great


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

7 Tips To Make A Small Garden Look Great

Just because you have a small garden, doesn't mean that there's little you can do with it. By simply following a few clever tips and tricks, you can transform even the smallest of outdoor spaces into a welcoming and attractive oasis.

Think vertical

You might be limited by ground space, so make the most of the vertical space instead. Plant tall flowers rather than bushy ones. If you like the idea of growing a few vegetables in the garden, vertical climbing beans and sweetcorn make a good choice for plots where space is at a premium.


Play with shapes

How you make the most of the shape of your garden can influence the feeling of space, and can make a small space look more interesting. Add a circular lawn to a square-shaped garden, for example, to lead your eye around the garden. Equally, adding a curved path to a small garden tricks the eye into believing the space is bigger than it is, and it also adds interest that captures attention. Use the edging around the path to add plants to further maximise your space potential.


Section your garden

Clever landscaping by sectioning your garden into separate spaces or zones can make it appear larger than it actually is. You don't need to go to great lengths to achieve this result - even adding an arch or pergola can make a difference.


Careful colour choice

Garden styling for small spaces is similar to interior styling for small homes. In the same way you can use the choice of colour in a room to influence perceptions of size, you can do the same in a garden. Opt for plants that produce pale-coloured blooms to make the garden appear lighter. Hot colours, such as red, add intimacy to a space, shrinking it in size, so avoid these if you want to make your garden appear roomier.


Use all available space

Make use of every spare inch of space in the garden to maximise its potential. Use the sides of walls, fences, a shed or garage to hang pots, plants and baskets of trailing flowers, or even add ornamental items such as an outside clock, wind chime or bird house.


Avoid clutter

Arguably, the number one rule for managing any type of small space is to avoid clutter building up. The same holds true for your garden. If you have outside furniture, such as tables or chairs, opt for ones that can be easily folded away and stored in a shed when not in use. Of course, you can still have some garden ornaments and statues, just make sure you don't go over the top.


Material choice

When selecting materials for a small garden, such as tiles, paving or decking, make sure that they are the right proportion to the size of the garden. Generally speaking, the smaller the garden, the smaller the size any materials should be. For instance, using lots of little tiles, rather than fewer and larger ones, tricks the eyes into believing the space is greater than it actually is.