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7 reasons why you should have a secure house


26th Jan 2019 Home & Garden

Your home is more than just a place to rest at the end of a long day at work. It represents so much of your life; your kids may have shown their artistic skills on the walls, the dressing mirror passed down for generations sits in your bedroom and that coffee maker that helps you kick start your day with a dose of caffeine rests on the kitchen counter. With all these treasured memories and belongings under one roof, you should make every effort to protect them at whichever cost necessary.

Other reasons that should motivate you to secure your house include:

1. Peace of mind

If you worry about the security of your home when you are away from it then why not look at Alarm New England - which can do some home automation for you. With wireless cameras and a smartphone, you can easily monitor your home from miles away.

2. Lower your insurance premium

Everyone wants to have some extra coins to spend or save, and you could begin by installing security cameras in your home. Some insurance firms will offer you a discount on the insurance premium if they discover you have gone ahead to make work easier for them. Unfortunately, not every feature guarantees a discount so you should confirm with your insurance provider beforehand.

3. Protection from dangerous gases

• In the UK, carbon monoxide poisoning in the home accounts for 50 recorded deaths per year, and as many as 4,000 medical visits.

The fact that this gas is colorless, odorless and gets quickly absorbed into the body increases the chances of people who fall victim. When you install a carbon monoxide detector in your apartment, you will have saved you and your family from the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Protection from fires

A fire can turn your fortune into ashes in a matter of minutes, and all it takes is one small spark. You can minimise the risk by installing a smoke and fire detector so that the system sounds the alarm immediately when it recognises smoke. Like they say, where there is smoke, there is fire, so take this literally, and you could help avoid your house from going up in flames.

5. Protection from theft

Burglars will always time when you are away to break in, but if they can spot signs of security measures such as cameras, they might think twice before taking action. Moreover, even if they decide to push their luck, the sound of an alarm will hopefully scare them away, meaning they will leave immediately or take as little time looting whatever they can lay their hands on, for fear of getting caught in the act.

Moreover, when you are on holiday, any burglars who may have intentions of breaking into your apartment will stop in their tracks if you turn on the lights from your hotel room miles away during the night. With lights on, your apartment will appear to have people inside which helps to secure it better.

6. Manage your bills

In a hurry to go, to leave the house, you might have left your lights on, on several occasions. It may not seem as much, but such incidences do have an impact on your electricity bill. With a security system connected with your phone that allows you to access your home remotely, you can switch them off. When you want hot water ready for your shower, you can turn on the water heating just before you get home and have hot water waiting for you.

7. Medical assistance

Living alone has its perks, however, you could at some point need some urgent medical aid and since there is no one else with you, you can install an emergency press button in your home security system. Such measures ensure thatas soon as you press the button, a vehicle will get to your apartment soonest possible. Securing your apartment can, therefore, end up saving your life.

Your home is your sanctuary, and you should protect it and all that is in it. It does not cost much to secure your home, not with the many options available in the market. However, whichever method you select, you will be doing yourself a favour since you can have lower premiums, reduced energy bills, not to mention saving yourself from life threatening situations. 

So, how secure is your home?

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