7 furniture hacks for your living room

Whether you’re trying to put your stamp on rented accommodation, redecorate on a budget, or find the best ways to make the most out of a small space, there are some truly innovative furniture hacks explained online. Here are seven of our favourites to help get you started with your refurbishment:

1. Under Stairs Bookcase

Under stairs bookcase
Image source: Ikea Hackers

If you have stairs in your living room, it can be easy to assume that the space under them simply has to be written off. However, this under stair bookcase ensures that no sliver of space goes to waste. Using a combination of CD towers and bookcases ensures that you don’t have to break the bank buying tailor made furniture. This is also a great option for storage in attic rooms with sloped roofs. 


2. Craft Corner

Craft Corner
Image source: A Little Learning For Two

Do you have a child? Too big for their old cot? Turn their old crib into a craft table, and place it in your living room - it looks great, and it means you can keep an eye on your little one. 


3. Simple sideboard

Simple sideboard
Image source: Ikea Hackers

A sideboard offers great options for storage as well as acting as an aesthetically pleasing interior design feature. Either place your chests of drawers right next to one another, or create open shelves in the gaps between with pine planks.


4. Mini office in a chest

Office chest
Image source: Martha Stewart

This is a great example of a space saving furniture hack. It’s likely that you have a range of papers that you need to keep, and it’s likely that organising these papers is a bit of a nightmare. Fitting a chest out with hanging folder file cases and painting it to fit with your colour scheme makes for a filing system so cute you’ll be happy to keep it in your living room. Consider topping it with a foam cushion, and you’ll have a great option for extra seating.

5. Bench seat with storage

Bench seat
Image Source: Ikea Hackers

If you aren’t specifically looking to store files, this is a fashionable approach to seating with plenty of storage. If the drawers on either side as seen in this example don’t appeal to you, lining a wall with sturdy bookcases on their sides and fitting doors to each compartment will look equally stylish. Find material to fit with your colour scheme, and either make your own seat cushions, or have an upholsterer put them together.


6. Blanket ladder

Blanket ladder
Image source: Listotic

If you have an old wooden ladder lying around, lean it against your living room wall, and use it to hang your blankets and throws on. The example shows a ladder used for elegantly hanging towels in a bathroom, but the idea can easily be transformed for use in your living room.


7. Side table

Side table
Image Source: Ermerja Design

Magazine files can easily be put together, and set on top of a stool for an incredibly simple yet stylish side table. This table offers great storage options, and can be decorated however you like.