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6 Ways to give your living room a revamp

6 Ways to give your living room a revamp
With the Christmas tree gone, your living room is likely to be left looking a little lacklustre come the new year. Read on for our quick and simple makeover ideas on how to refresh the space without breaking the bank

1. Fill the floor

Carved acrylic pile rug 120cm x 170cm, £60, Habitat
A statement rug is one of the easiest ways to change up the look of a room with minimal effort. Whether you have hard or carpeted floors in your living room, a rug acts as another layer of tactility and can be used as a focal point to ground your overall scheme. If you’re nervous of going for a patterned design, opt for something subtle like a stripe or Berber-style zigzag that will add interest without overwhelming the room. High pile rugs are ideal for creating a sense of cosiness and adding a soft touch underfoot, and will instantly give your room a plush and luxurious finish. If you’re after something more hardwearing, on the other hand, a low pile rug may be a more practical option for everyday maintenance, particularly if your living space is a thoroughfare to other parts of the house. 

2. Get picture perfect

Blue Fez by Iona Stern monotype unique screenprint, £500, Murus Art
Bored of looking at the same four walls? Switching your artwork is another speedy solution for making your living room feel brand new. Whether you simply rearrange their positions on the walls, or update the prints or photographs within the frames, this simple change can be done for next to nothing and in just a few hours. Take down all your existing wall décor, including art and mirrors, so you can view the room in a fresh light before deciding where to re-hang each piece. Swapping the position of a mirror above a fireplace with an existing painting from another part of the room, for example, can make a big difference and help you fall in love with the space all over again.

3. Do a quick fix

Mink faux Mongolian cushion, £5; grey faux Mongolian cushion, £5, both Wilko
Investing in a new sofa isn’t always an option, so take the next best route and re-curate your cushion collection. Cushions can be one of the most affordable parts of a scheme to update, so switch out any dated designs and replace them, either wholly or with new covers. For a new look, change the colour palette and patterns, and tie these in with any other soft furnishings within the room, whether that be rugs, throws or window dressings, to make sure they complement the scheme.  

4. Time to move

Brighton chaise sofa in sea spray fabric, £1,299; Brindle side table, £179.99; Brindle large sideboard, £449.99, all Oak Furnitureland 
Similarly to rearranging your existing wall décor, changing the configuration of your living room layout is another simple way to refresh the look and feel of the space without splashing any cash. As a main focal point in many living spaces, the television often dictates the angling of certain furniture, so try switching this first as your starting point. Repositioning armchairs and sofas will change your viewpoint of the room when it’s in use, so consider these before moving onto smaller pieces like sideboards, side tables or shelving units which are easier to slot in later on. Even changing the position of accessories, such as lamps, clocks or ornaments, will help to change up the look. 

5. Go green

5 Ivyline.jpg
Seagrass tribal white lined medium basket, £29.99, Ivyline
If your living room is looking bare without its Christmas tree, adding house plants is a smart way to reintroduce some greenery for the rest of the year. A large potted plant is a great way to fill a gap in any room and you’ll be amazed as how it can instantly freshen up the space. Smaller potted plants on shelves or a mantelpiece will also help a tired scheme feel lifted – just be sure to do your research before purchasing your plants, as they all have different requirements when it comes to daylight and positioning within a room. It’s also advised to check which plants are safe around animals, if you have pets in the household. Or, you can always choose various artificial plants and not worry about animals, water & sunlight and still have a nice decoration in your living room.

6. Shine a Light

A great idea that you should go ahead with is fitting stylish wall lights designed to bring an ambient glow to any room. By fixing lights designed to be installed onto the wall you can completely transform the living room, creating a warming atmosphere.
There is a reason the best hotels, restaurants and meeting places add attractive and eye catching details like this to their rooms and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do the same in your home. It does not matter if your living room is modern, traditional or completely unique to your quirkiness, there are thousands of lighting options available for you.
It is a great idea to install wall lights that match your ceiling light. Homeowners look for pendant lights because they bring a grand feel and a soothing glow.
Wall lights come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose the most suitable material for your living rooms current décor. The leading online retailers will have a variety of industrial, brass, chrome, vintage options that can really bring your living room to life!
They offer free UK delivery on all orders over £60

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