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6 Thrifty steps to a wonderfully welcoming festive table

6 Thrifty steps to a wonderfully welcoming festive table

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to create a good-looking Christmas table. Try these super easy touches for a luxurious table display that is full of quirky charm.

Personalised crackers


Making your own crackers with personalised gifts inside will always make your guests smile. Buy an inexpensive make-your-own cracker set and fill each one with something you know each guest likes - a miniature bottle of their favourite tipple or a chocolate bar they are fond of. If you can't find anything to fit in the cracker simply get a book of raffle tickets, wrap each cracker gift with a ticket attached and place in a pile in the corner. Place the ticket stub inside the corresponding cracker. Your guests will love seeing how much effort you have put in to making their day special.


Glitzed-up chair backs


If you have a surplus of tinsel or baubles after decorating the tree this year, why not decorate the chairs as well? Group together two or three baubles (the more you have the better!) and tie round each chair with ribbon so they hang elegantly off the back. You could use tinsel as well as, or instead of, ribbon if you have it.


Wrapping paper napkin rings


Image source: Pinterest

By December the 25 you are bound to have plenty of wrapping paper scraps lying around. Use useless off-cuts to make Christmassy paper napkin rings: simply cut strips from the paper (ensuring the length will go all the way around the napkin) and secure at the back with glue or tape.  Wrap a thin ribbon around or stick a mini present bow on the front for extra embellishment, if you like. If you have bigger pieces of wrapping paper left, try making a matching paper table runner, by running the role down the length of the table and leaving a little overhang at each end. Fold the paper at each end to ensure it fits snugly to the table and lies flat.


Candle holder bottles


Image source: Koffee Pause

As the festive season progresses, empty wine bottles will likely be stacking up! Instead of putting them in the recycling, make some into rustic candle holders by placing thin candles in the top. You can add ribbons or tinsel around the bottom to up the festive factor and to tie them into your chosen Christmas colour scheme.


DIY name settings


Name settings on the table give any dining occasion a sense of elegance and there are many ways to create your own fabulously festive versions with items you can find lying about the house. If you have lots of wine or champagne corks lying around, try standing upright and cutting a line in the top of the cork to accommodate a name card. Dip the tip in PVA glue then glitter for added sparkle.


One great centrepiece


As tempting as it is to load up a pre-lunch Christmas table with lots of decorative objects, candles and flowers, these items are likely to get in the way and take up valuable space once the food is served. Instead, stick to a couple of candles and one grand centrepiece which will look less cluttered once the food arrives. If you have a large deep bowl or jar, fill with baubles, Christmas tree branch off cuts, candles, or anything festive you have to hand. Pinecones with their tips painted white with Tipex work well in bowls that are less deep.

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