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5 Ways to keep a lawn pristine


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

5 Ways to keep a lawn pristine

There is nothing better than relaxing on your patio with a drink in one hand and a thrilling book in the other. Unfortunately, a trampled lawn can ruin this pristine image. When it comes to creating a beautiful and relaxing garden to enjoy your days, undertaking effective lawn care is essential.

Here are five simple ways to keep a lawn pristine at all times.

1. Use a quality lawnmower

You’ll need to buy a quality lawnmower that suits your garden’s needs. There are different options available depending on whether you have a small or a large garden. You can even find professional models for sloped gardens to ensure you don’t ruin your lawn by mowing it with the wrong equipment.

The most common mistake many make is to mow the lawn too often. You need to allow the grass to grow to at least 25mm in height before you cut it. During the summer months, the grass will grow quicker, but in the winter, you shouldn’t take out the lawnmower too often. Generally, every two to three weeks in the winter months and once a week during the summer will be sufficient.


2. Feed your lawn

If you have a problem getting your grass to grow evenly, consider using feeds. You can either use chemically based feeds or opt for eco-friendly feeds. Ensure you don’t apply the feed too often, as overfeeding the lawn will slow growth. If you have a spot that needs extra attention, you can apply the feed to this designated area by mixing a soluble feed with water. This guarantees you don’t apply nutrients to areas that don’t require the extra boost.


3. Take advantage of lawn edging

Once your grass is growing nicely, start to focus on the detail. Even the healthiest looking lawn can look rugged if the edges of the lawn aren’t taken care of properly. Lawn edging is a simple way to ensure your garden looks pristine and well kept.

There are plenty of ways to do this, from laying bricks to surrounding the lawn with wooden planks. You could even install a plastic wall underneath the ground for simple mowing. This method allows you to freely use the lawn mower on top of the covered plastic edge. The grass won’t grow further than the plastic edge, yet as it is underneath the soil, you can still mow the lawn without having to worry about leaving the edges uncut.


4. Shape your lawn

Occasionally, you end up having a tiny part of the lawn looking rugged. It might be that it doesn’t get enough sunlight or you – or usually the children and grandchildren - walk across that specific section regularly. It may be useful to consider shaping the lawn and adding a patio or a stone walkway on top of these rough spots.

If you have a large tree and the lawn underneath it just doesn’t grow properly, you could create a stone display or add a small wooden patio with a swing for enjoying lemonade in the shade. Shaping your lawn and covering it with objects like this can ensure your garden looks pristine at all times.


5. Consider artificial grass

You can always consider artificial grass. Artificial turf has developed in leaps and bounds in the last few years and you can create stunning, natural looking gardens with artificial grass. The material is made of synthetic fibres, which have been developed to withstand changing weather conditions and everyday use. For example, it is a great choice for people who have trouble keeping up with lawn care for health reasons.

Gardening is always easier when you have the right equipment and you’re 100% certain you’re doing the right thing. Make sure you have the best tools possible for looking after your lawn.