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5 uses for your garage


21st Jul 2019 Home & Garden

5 uses for your garage
One of the most common uses for a garage is for storage. If you own a garage, you’re most likely finding yourself dumping all of the unwanted items that ‘you don’t need right now but may need at some point in your life’ as well as all of your garden equipment, such as the lawnmowers and DIY tools, within the space. However, there are certainly more space efficient and customisable ways to utilise the garage space, that would certainly benefit you further than just simply treating the area for storage.
UK retailer of quality concrete garages, sheds, workshops and garden rooms, Lidget Compton list five ways to get the best out of your garage space. 

Man cave

Everyone likes their own space, so why not convert your garage into a famous man cave? A man cave acts as a tailored place to escape and get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy household. One huge benefit of converting your garage into a man cave is that it really doesn’t require all that much work to do the area up so that it’s ready to go. As long as you have a comfy seating area and an entertainment system, plus any added extras such as a fridge or even a poker table, you’re well on the way to being able to enjoy the fun and relaxing energy the space can provide. 


The rates of people working from home are ever increasing due to the many advantages that this practise can bring; with no commute, no distractions and a flexible schedule only touching the surface of the many benefits this creates. By converting your garage into an office space, you’re able to have a dedicated work environment which should not only increase productivity but should also make separating home and work life a little easier. 


Finding the motivation to go to the gym can be hard at times, particularly if your gym is a long distance away, or even a short but inconvenient drive. If keeping active is high on your agenda, consider converting your garage into a gym space. Whilst a little on the costly side initially, in the long run this project could make for a fantastic investment. It’s important that your garage is sturdy and secure, such as the Lidget Compton concrete garages, as you want to ensure that the building can withstand all of the required equipment as well as reducing the risk of enticing any robbery. 


Using your garage as a playroom is often a brilliant way to keep all of the kids toys in one dedicated place, as this in turn helps to keep your home much more pleasantly tidy. Playroom conversions certainly require a little more work, as it’s important to ensure the internal structure and surfaces of the garage are safe for children, but the end result will certainly be worth any work involved.  Remember to add in lots of seating and playmats to make it super comfortable and consider adding in bookcases and storage to further enhance your children’s playtime experience. 


If you love your films then you could well be missing a trick if you haven’t already turned your garage into a home cinema. Allow yourself a little getaway from all of the distractions within your home itself so that you can fully focus on your movie of choice. Fit a large screen on the wall within the garage or even use a projector to ensure you have the full cinema experience, and of course ensuring comfy seats are an absolute must for a comfortable and relaxing environment. 
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