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5 Unbeatable Advantages Of Cellular Shades


12th Jul 2020 Home & Garden

5 Unbeatable Advantages Of Cellular Shades
Wanting to invest in the right kind of window treatment that stands the test of time and also looks elegant is what all of us want! And modern cellular shades are perfectly designed to live up to our expectations. Cellular shades or honeycomb shades are so popular because of the innovative design of these shades; they provide amazing benefits that are just unbeatable.
Installing the best cellular shades means you can stay stress-free for the longest time.
Wondering why?
Well, here are 5 advantages of installing cellular shades that are hard to overlook.
  • Perfect insulation - It is mainly because of the way these shades are engineered. The shades are made of several layers of pleated fabric and the space between the two layers of fabric there is space that looks like cells. These cells help in trapping air to reduce heat transfer between your interiors and the outdoors. This helps keep your room cool during the summer and warm during the winter. In other words, these cellular shades are energy efficient! 
  • Aesthetics and the modern look - The best part is that the overall look of these shades never becomes outdated. These match with every kind of décor or interior. The texture, style, and design will add a fresh appeal to your rooms which will suit your taste as well as your personality. These window treatments look and feel so unique and they have the ability to soften up the harsh look of a modern interior.
  • Privacy - Urban life nowadays is characterized by apartment cultureand people require privacy because we live close to one another. The positive thing is there are several kinds of cellular shades with varying degrees of opacity. In case you want complete darkness in your room, blackout shades are available. Several other types are available as well, depending upon how much light or privacy you need from the world outside. These shades also offer noise reduction greatly hence your privacy is guaranteed by all means. 
  • Ease of usage - Several kinds of cellular shades come with cordless features. The ease and comfort of using these blinds are ineffable. You don’t have to invest energy in raising the shades or drawing them down, you can stay put in your bed and control the entire process. Since these are generally devoid of the unsightly cords, they look better and the overall feel is classy and contemporary. Moreover, if you have small kids at home these cordless shades are safer options as the children won’t get tangled or injure themselves because of the cords. 
  • The designs are adaptable to all environments and localities – There are shades available in all standard designs and colors that easily blend with local requirements. In some places, there might be specific rules and regulations for window coverings. But, don’t worry, for there are several types of designer options available when it comes to choosing cellular shades that comply with the norms. You can go for any option of window treatment to spruce up your décor using cellular shades. 
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