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5 Tips on revamping your child’s bedroom


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

5 Tips on revamping your child’s bedroom

Designing, or redesigning, your children’s bedroom can easily become costly but with clever ingenuity, a little imagination and creativity you can create a magical space for your little one without having to reinvest in pricey new furniture and décor. Follow these top tips.

If you maintain neutral colours on the walls and flooring, which will ultimately see your child through to adulthood, it’s incredibly easy to mix up the smaller stuff as per your child’s ever changing taste in interiors. We’ve come up with our top five fun tips on how to revamp your child’s bedroom and create a fresh and funky look. 

Dressers, Draws and Wardrobes Without the cost

Dressers, a chest of drawers, wardrobes or toy boxes can be effortlessly reinvented if both you and your child combine your decorating energies. If the furniture is wooden, try painting the main body of the piece a neutral colour, like white or cream, and focus on painting panels of features of the furniture various colours. If you’d prefer to limit the amount of colours, stick to three shades of the same colour and paint stripes, spots or even handprints as decorative features.

Spruce up your childs bedroom cheap

Adding Removable Colour

Removable wall art stickers and decals are a fun way to add a pop of colour and interest to a child’s bedroom. Your child can easily get involved, from choosing where they would like the wall art positioning to helping you stick them on. Consider the layout of the bedroom – is there one area that is particularly busy? Is there a lot of colour in one corner of the room? Should the wall art go above my child’s bed? Subtle custom stickers could most likely be placed on any wall in the room but a larger feature sticker will need a little more thought.

DIY Lampshades

Lighting is absolutely essential – in any room of the house. Be sure to make the lights in the room interactive and at height level so your child can have control of their own space. Instead of buying new stands and shades, pull together a pile of fabric scraps and create new lampshade covers with your little one. Patchwork shades can be a lovely kitsch edition to any room and will encourage creativity within your child. Clashing prints across numerous shades can really jazz up an area. Aside from the main ceiling lighting, make sure every area where your child will be reading, drawing or playing is well lit.

Cost Effective Toy Storage

From toys to stationary the biggest question we often hear is "where do we keep it all?" For simple, creative storage solutions utilising old jam jars, sauce jars, tea sets, trays, plastic cups and tins are a cost effective way of making your little one's room tidier. Jam jars and the like can all be customised and made into fun storage pots with a little paint, fabric, paper, sequins and ribbon. Ask your child what colour scheme they would like to see, set up the paint station and let them customise to their hearts content. Jars and tins are the perfect way to keep a child’s study or art space tidy. 

Funky Kids bedroom done on the cheap

Funky Fabrics

Soft furnishings are a sure way of revamping a bedroom. Make use of old pillow cases, duvet covers or even clothing to recreate new cushions, bed throws or rag rugs. Your child can help arrange squares or strips of material for you sew and even help make the rag rug. Old fabric can also be used to create floor pillows if there is enough space in the bedroom. They’re incredibly easy to make and make great play mats, extra seating for friends, or piled up they can make a cosy setting for reading a book.   

Please send in or pin any of your ideas or bedroom renovations!