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5 homes from famous TV shows 


4th May 2021 Home & Garden

Ever find yourself wondering what it might be like to live in some of TV’s most famous homes? 

Granted, most of the homes from our favourite shows aren’t always real. In many cases only parts of the house actually make it to the big screen, but that doesn’t stop us pretending they exist, and dreaming of setting up home in a lavish town house, or a city apartment with the perfect view.

Famous homes can become part of the reason you fall in love with a series, so here are some of our favourites… 

Big Little Lies: Madeline’s house

Set on the idyllic Californian coast in Monterey, season three of Big Little Lies has got us all kinds of jealous again over the casts desirablewardrobes, and huge beach houses by the sea. But by far the most beautiful beach nest in the series is Madeline’s house, which is actually located in Malibu. The real house boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a balcony surrounded by walls providing some unreal ocean views. The house is said to of had its fair share of celebrity guests too. It’s no wonder why!

Modern Family: Jay’s house

The two-story contemporary home is bursting with bold colours and animal prints, with many speculating that the décor channels Gloria’s strong personality. But it’s the back yard that makes the house so appealing. The huge pool that’s frequently spotted in various episodes is a strong reminder that we need to move to destination with more sunshine on offer.If only we owned our own cupboard company! 

The Sopranos: Tony’s house

The spacious New Jersey home has a huge dining area, four bedrooms, an outside pool, and that famous curved driveway featured in the opening credits. It’s no wonder the famous house has just gone on the market for a whopping 3.4 million! Research shows that the mafia mansion may have more than doubled in value since the show, which is most likely due to the popularity of the mobster hit. It’s still on the market so you too could live like a TV star! 

Desperate Housewives: Brie’s house 

Oh Wisteria Lane, how we miss you and your beautiful homes. The addictive series was famous for its picturesque homes featuring white picket fences, perfectly trimmed front lawns and stunning interiors. The most prim and proper home of them all? It has to be Bree’s house. The colonial style home was the perfect match for the character, and that spacious kitchen was a match made in heaven for her freshly-baked goods. 

American Horror Story:The Coven house 

Although taken over by witches in the series and called “Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies”, the elegant house is actually called Buckner Mansion and is some what of a land-mark in New Orleans. The famous home is complete with tall ceilings, impressive chandeliers, and stairs that go on forever. You can’t actually visit the mansion, but you can stroll by it. 

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