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16 Birdhouses so beautiful that you'll want to live in them


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

16 Birdhouses so beautiful that you'll want to live in them

You might want to rebuild some of these gorgeous birdhouses to house yourself. Quirky, beautiful, silly and always practical, here are our favourite birdhouses and where to find them.

For bright birds

Lighthouse bird house

Pop it by some rocks next to your pond and warn of the treacherous waters nearby. You can pick up this lighthouse birdhouse for £51.99.



For bohemian birds


This would certainly be the jewel of any garden, but you have to be pretty crafty to make your own—and remember, birds that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. 



For creative birds

Painted birdhouse

The glass house was a pretty tricky DIY job, but this one's much more straight forward. This one was painted by a little one, and we think they've done a grand job. Even if you don't fancy getting the hammer out, you can pick up a paint-it-yourself birdhouse for £13.99—that's bound to keep the grandkids entertained.



For nerdy birds

Doctor Who birdfeeder

What makes you think that the Doctor's regeneration is restricted to humans? Step aside Peter Capaldi, and look out for a sparrow wearing a long stripey scarf and a fedora. You can grab your own tardis bird-feeder for £25.99.



For green-feathered birds

Planter and birdhouse

Two-bird houses with one planter. Your gardening friends will be impressed with this DIY job.



For travelling birds

Caravan birdhouse

A bit of retro-cool for the garden. This birdhouse was lovingly made on Etsy, but the caravan park seems to be full as they have sold-out. But keep an eye out for vacancies. 



For beach-bum birds

Beach house bird house

Where better to wind down after a hard day surfing the clouds. This colourful beachy addition to the garden will house three birds at one time for £51.99.



For drifting birds

Driftwood birdhouse

Feeling crafty? Live near the sea? Then perhaps you could assemble your own by collecting driftwood and sticking them onto any plain birdhouse. If you're struggling to find the materials BurlGirl builds them on Etsy starting at £39.86.



For minimal birds

Minimal Birdhouse

If you're looking for something a little less fussy, and a little more chic, look no further than this minimal urban contemporary birdhouse for £31.99



For bulls-eye birds

Birds eye birdhouse

"Don't make me a target"—it's perhaps best to not use this for actual archery practice, but this DIY job is really eye-catching and inventive.   



For neighbourhood birds

Birdhouse neighbourhood

Why stop at one birdhouse when you can build a whole neighbourhood? Artist Cameron Hockenson made this for Montalvo Arts Centre. His work deals with "the vernacular landscape and issues of biocultural diversity"—including overcrowding. 



For swinging birds

Swing birdfeeder

Imagine how cute it would be to see a robin or blue tit perched on this tiny swing. You can pick up a swing bird-feeder for £20.99.



For DIY birds

Paint tine bird feeder

Put them old food tins back to their original use! A creative way to recycle and attract wildlife—that's got to be doubly good for the environment.



For afternoon tea birds

Teapot and cup and saucer bird feeder

If you have some old crockery lying around and are feeling crafty you can make these cute feeders yourself. Alternatively...



For brassy birds

Teapot Birdfeeder

...this bird-nester was designed specifically for robins. You can buy this teapot bird-nester for £18.99.



For the real home birds

Costwold cottage birdshouse

For a super-cozy home-from-home, this cute miniature Cotswold-style cottage makes an adorable birdhouse for £49.99.


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