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12 simple ways to update your bedroom

BY Cassie Pryce

14th Jun 2018 Home & Garden

12 simple ways to update your bedroom

Redesign your space with these stylish yet affordable ideas that can be completed in as little as just a few hours

1. On the move

Avoca double bed, from £877.50, Darlings of Chelsea

Simply rearranging your bedroom furniture can give the space a whole new lease of life and, what’s more, it won’t cost you a penny. Refresh the layout by switching the bed’s position to a different wall so you wake up to a new view in the mornings—play around with repositioning mirrors and artwork, too.

2. Paint job

If your bedroom is feeling a little tired and drab, a lick of paint on the walls and ceiling could be all it needs to make it look loved and lived in again. Even giving the existing colour a recoat will revive damaged walls and get rid of unsightly scuff marks. Don’t forget to repaint skirting boards, coving and door frames too, to give the whole room a makeover.

3. Pattern hit

For a more drastic design change, consider wallpapering a single wall to create a focal point in the room. This works particularly well on the wall behind your bed, as it will frame and draw attention to the main feature. Opt for a pattern and colourway that are well-suited to a bedroom; something in a calming palette will help set a tranquil scene and avoid overly busy designs that may be distracting rather than relaxing.

4. Dress up

Country cottage king-size bed, £597.86; Canterbury lamp table, £189.49; Turin ceramic lamp, £199.25, all Oak Furniture Land

Give your bedroom textiles an update by investing in new bedding to help the room feel brand new. In plainer rooms, patterned bedding is a great and affordable way to add interest or, for a more boutique look, keep it simple with a crisp white duvet set. Accessorise with a bedspread or throw at the foot of the bed and introduce two or three accent cushions for a cosy finishing touch.

5. Picture perfect

Perk up any room in the house by changing the artwork on the walls for a quick facelift. Check out online retailers such as Desenio and Juniqe for prints—photographic, typographic and illustrations—that won’t break the bank, or collect pretty wrapping papers to put into frames for a budget-friendly styling idea that can be changed easily when you feel like trying out a new look.

6. Bright idea

Hudson white desk lamp, £75; chevron oak bedside table, £295, both Cox & Cox

If your bedside table lamps or ceiling lights are looking a little dated, switch them for something more modern or in-keeping with your bedroom scheme. A new shade can be easily swapped yourself, or ask a local electrician to fit something if it needs wiring in. Don’t feel limited to traditional lamps either; Anglepoise-style desk lamps, for example, make great bedside lights as they can be adjusted for reading and come in whole range of colours.

7. Get creative

Upcycled cabinet in Louis Blue Chalk Paint, £19.95 for 1L, Annie Sloan

Changing your bedroom design doesn’t have to mean buying new furniture; simply upcycling what you already have can completely change the look and feel of the room and for a fraction of the price. Use chalk paint to paint wooden furniture or change the façade of a chest of drawers by replacing the handles with a new design. Why not remove the legs of a dressing table and replace them with metal hairpin legs for an affordable update?

8. Floor filler

Making your bedroom feel welcoming is all about adding cosy textures, not only on the bed itself but around the whole room. Laying a soft rug underfoot will not only be a comfort in the cold winter mornings, but it can act as a design feature to ground your whole scheme. Choose a large design to sit beneath the bed or lay a long runner down one side depending on the space you have to work with.

9. Focal point

Smuggler headboard, £495 for a double, Loaf

Rather than investing in a whole new bed, changing the headboard is a simple way to add some wow-factor into your room. Consider upholstering the existing headboard in a new fabric and adding a studded surround, for example, or build your own wooden board using reclaimed scaffolding planks which can be sanded and varnished before being fixed to the back wall.

or buy a day bed UK

One option is to go with a bed that is practical and comes with storage. For instance, day beds often come with an added pull-out trundle underneath, giving you even more room to store small items like clothes, shoes, towels, and throws. Once you buy a day bed UK or any other similar style beds, this piece of furniture doubles up as both a bed and storage space - perfect for making the most of limited bedrooms

10. Window dressings

Switching your existing curtains, blinds or shutters can make a big different to the look and feel of a bedroom. If fabric curtains or blinds are looking a little tatty, invest in a new set (or have a go at making your own)—choose a fabric that ties in with the colour or pattern on your walls to create a cohesive look throughout.

11. Storage solutions

If keeping clutter at bay is becoming a problem in your bedroom, position an ottoman or trunk at the end of the bed to provide additional storage. This handy piece of furniture is ideal for stashing away spare bedding or winter coats. If you’re short on space, a slim bench will also do the trick and allow you to store boxes or rows of shoes underneath.

12. New angles

Tropical leaf mirror, £45; Zamora palm leaf ceiling light, £115; Abingdon antique brass bedstead, from £269; Florista duvet cover set, from £28; Polly parrot table lamp, £55, all Dunelm

View your bedroom in a whole new light by cleverly positioning mirrors to open up the space. Stand a floor mirror so that it’s angled at a pretty corner of the room and reflects a key part of the interior design, such as a wallpaper or gallery wall. Use wall mirrors to bounce light coming in from the window around the room to brighten up dark corners.