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11 Must-Have Tools for Your House Make-over


13th Feb 2019 Home & Garden

As a homeowner, toolboxes are a necessity. We've put together a list of the 11 tools that might be required for a home makeover or simple renovation. Some of these tools benefit from improved technology, which makes them efficient and easy to handle. 



One of these is the battery. Lithium-ion batteries changed power tools for the better and thanks to their ability to store more charge and for longer, you can use any power tool away from a power source. In addition, they’ve made many tools lighter and smaller.

Now, let’s look at some of the handiest, must-have tool for your home renovations.

1.    The DeWalt 12V Max Cordless Screwdriver


We'll start with the DeWalt 12V Max Cordless Screwdriver. This powered screwdriver has a single purpose. To drive in screws with no drilling. The best part about it is you don’t need power to operate the machine. Instead, the screwdriver comes with a motor powered by a 12V Li-on battery. 

In addition, the screwdriver also has 3 LEDs which you’ll find inside the collar. This means there’ll be no shadows obstructing your view. Pulling the trigger will activate the light.

Besides the lighting, you have a loading chuck which allows one hand operation.  It also has a flat battery pack which allows the device to stay upright when placed on a flat surface.

2.    The Oscillating Multi-tool

This tool isn’t a common sight in homeowners’ toolboxes despite its versatility. The tool was first used in the 60s but as a vibrating tool. At first, the tool was used by medical professionals to get rid of plaster casts in the safest and fastest way possible. However, the mid-90s saw this device improved and modified to work on wood.

It’s not called a multi-tool for no reason. This tool comes with multiple interchangeable accessories which allows you to polish, grind, scrape, cut and sand. Such a handy tool, don’t you think? Did you know it can cut through materials as hard as concrete and as soft as plastic?

3.    The Lithium-Ion Cordless Set

Cordless drills are common in many homes. Some of these devices include drills powered by portable batteries. However, battery tools have come a long way from when NASA first used them back in 1961. NASA technicians used these powerful tools to make several repairs in the Gemini spacecraft while in space.

Since then, these tools have undergone several changes, including the batteries used to power them. Back then, these tools used nickel-cadmium batteries which were heavy. The technology has evolved to pave way for lithium-ion batteries which are light-weight, have extended life and store more charge, so you can work for longer.

It comes with multiple tools for various functions. For example, you can buy the set with two tools (an impact driver and a drill)  You can also buy the big set which comes with 9 tools.

It can be expensive, but consider what’s in the box. For starters, you have the impact driver and a drill, then you have a circular saw, a Bluetooth speaker, a flashlight, an angle grinder, a reciprocating saw two batteries and a right-angle drill and if you buy each of these tools separately, you’ll end up spending alot of money.

These tools use 20-volt or 18-volt lithium-ion batteries. If you intend to make simple renovations, then you have enough juice to last you the entire session.

4.    The Stud Sensor

Have you ever tried to figure out where to hang heavy objects?  Well, the Tek4 stud sensor is here to help.

First off, it’s one of the easiest tools to use. What’s more, it’s way more accurate than your guesses. Therefore, the next time you schedule a home repair and need to hang some items, consider this handy tool.

5.    A Table Saw

A table saw is a handy tool, especially if you intend on working with wood, plastics or other such materials. The main function of this tool is to make angled or straight cuts. In modern table saws, you can adjust the blade so you can alter the depth of your cut.

Let’s look at some renown industry table saws:

·         The SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Table Saw

This woodworking beast is the best of them all. With a dual field motor packing 15 amps, the SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 is also lightweight, weighing just over 48 pounds with dimensions measuring 19.9’’x 23.4’’ x 13.4’’ which makes it a portable tool.

In addition, this powerful tool is easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an amateur or an experienced contractor, this power tool with 25’’ inch slicing capability means you can tear through thick material with super ease.

Furthermore, this tool comes with the latest technology, including anti-kickback, durability, and sturdiness to ensure you get the best value for money.

·         The Ryobi 15 Amp Table Saw

This table saw packs a lot of heat for a handyman on a budget. And if you love DIY repairs, you might not need heavy duty table saws when you have a cheaper option which comes with almost the same features.  This tool measure 25’’x 17’’. This means you can cut through wide wood planks.

Moreover, it also comes with a motor rated at 15 amps tasked with powering this mini-beast. It also has a 24-tooth blade and miter gauge which you can adjust to suit your cutting preference. Adding to its ease of use is easy assembling and its effective performance.

6.    A Folding Knife

You’ll need to cut a few items here and there during a home renovation. This is where a folding knife swings into action. This handy tool has a sharp blade which a sharp edge to pierce through most of the items and comes with a friendly grip which ensures the best handling. You can flip it open with a wrist flick and also secure it on your belt thanks to a clip and a safety button.

7.    A Flat Pry Bar

Home makeovers include some demolitions and for this job, you need a proper tool for the job. A crowbar or a pry bar will not only clip the nails of the wood or wall but also do some demolitions. One of the most reliable flat pry bars is the Gorilla Bar by Roughneck or the Wonder Bar by Stanley. With claws on both ends, the flat pry bar is perfect for hooking and pulling nails. It also has a flat surface which enables it to form a wedge under the nail heads or even wedge itself between nailed boards on order to separate them.

This tool not only serves as a demolition expert and pulling nails, but it also works well in lifting slab doors which you may try to hang. You can also move delicate items such as replacement windows. You can find the pry bars in various sizes. Sometimes, you’ll find them coupled in different sizes which is good for a homeowner because you never know which bar will work best.

8.    The Lineman’s Pliers

Evident from its name, this tool is common with power company workers who work on power poles either trying to restore power or do regular maintenance. Either way, the lineman’s pliers is a beast in its own right. One every homeowner should have in their toolbox.

You may find these pliers in a set of three which includes others such as the channel-lock and basic utility pliers. However, all three do their basic things:

·         Grip: The enormous jaws have gripping teeth which hold onto anything.

·         Cut: The side of the tool hosts the cutting edge which you can use to cut electrical wires. Check out a handy guide from Unclutterer on choosing the best wire cutters in case you would want to get one.

·         Pound: Yes, pliers can hammer as well, but in this case, this use is not official.

9.    A Voltage Tester

Home makeovers include moving wires from one point to another. Afterward, you’ll want to test your connections to see if they work since calling a professional is expensive. A voltage tester is a crucial tool in such jobs and must include it in your toolbox.

This tool has one job alone, that is to test whether live current flows through the wires. However, the tool doesn’t indicate the amount of current or voltage passing through the wires as a voltmeter does. A voltage tester will only indicate current flow with a sound or a light or both.

Electricity is a crucial utility in the house. Therefore, it’s important for you as a homeowner to learn how to use a voltage tester.

Types of Voltage Testers

Voltage testers differ in design and functionality. For example, the neon circuit tester has two metal probes attached to the handle and neon bulb at the tip. It’s a classic tool and requires prior operation knowledge.

This is because to make a correct test, you must place one of the metallic contacts on the live wire and the other on a ground wire. If there’s current flow in the live wire, the neon light at the tip will light. Don’t worry about maintenance because this tool doesn’t have batteries.

You also have a non-contact voltage tester. As the name suggests, this tool doesn’t require any physical contact to indicate current flow. As current flows in wires, it emits an electrical field which using special tools such a non-contact voltage tester you can detect current. The tool is battery-powered, therefore, it’s crucial to check whether the tool works prior to using it.

10. A Blower: The STIHL BGA 85

A blower allows you to dust surfaces and areas which you can’t reach with ease. In addition, you can also use a blower to clean appliances. Blowers work in two ways. It can blow and suck dust or dirt. All you have to do is change the hose.

This specific blower comes with a 36V lithium-ion battery which makes it cordless. Therefore, you can charge the batteries and use the tool away from power.

It also comes with reduced noise levels and as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about gas and oil, thus making it eco-friendly.

11. A Circular Saw: The Portable-Cable PC18CSL

Think of this tool as a substitute for the table saw. Sometimes you may be in a hurry and you don’t have a table to work on. The circular saw is the perfect tool for such a situation. It may be small but it packs a lot of heat and its best if you have prior knowledge on how to operate this tool. However, you’ll be happy to know this tool comes from veteran saw manufacturers porter-cable. This company has been in the business since 1929. This means they have enough experience to develop a handy and an efficient tool.

This cordless tool has more features including an electric brake which ensures you get laser cuts. In addition, it also comes with a laser sight which allows for precision cutting with its 3700 RPM blade which is more than capable of getting the job done.

Home makeovers are inevitable. At one point, you’ll have to attend to minor or major repairs in the house. For this reason, as a homeowner, it's handy to have several tools which will make your work easier and faster and give your renovations a professional touch.

So, don’t compromise on quality when carrying out your repairs, invest in these must-have tools for peace of mind.

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