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10 ways to update your décor on a budget

BY Cassie Pryce

17th Jan 2018 Home & Garden

4 min read

10 ways to update your décor on a budget
Embrace the new year and change up your interior with these quick and affordable ideas that will help you love your home all over again

On the move

One of the easiest ways to give your room a fresh start is to play around with the positioning of your furniture. We often get bored of a particular space because it feels limited to a certain structure, so why not shake things up and switch some key pieces around?
Simply moving your sofa or bed to the opposite wall will give you a new outlook when using the room and could help you see it in a new light without having to spend a thing.
Oscar chaise sofa, £1,895, Loaf

Add interest

Painting or wallpapering a feature wall is a quick way to transform the look of any room and give it a focal point of colour or pattern that will really stand out.
Depending on the size of the wall, you’ll most likely only need to use one tin of paint or one or two rolls of wallpaper, so a project like this can be done on a minimal budget.
Walls painted in Pitch Blue No.220 and Calke Green No.34, £45 for 2.5L estate emulsion, Farrow & Ball

Paint job

Updating a kitchen can feel like a daunting project, but changing the colour of the units will have a big impact on the space, not to mention it can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of a full makeover.
Look out for specialist companies who will spray the units for you in almost any paint shade or—if the budget is very limited—have a go at painting them yourself. Just remember to take the doors off first and paint them lying down to avoid any drip marks forming.
Kitchen cabinets painted in Threadneedle, £28 for 1L (wood & metal matt, eggshell and gloss) and walls painted in Charterhouse, £46 for 2.5L (marble matt emulsion), Mylands Paints

Cover up

The sofa is the heart of the living room in most homes and when it becomes dated it can easily make the whole room feel a little unloved.
Rather than splashing out on a brand new design, consider getting bespoke covers made to fit your existing sofa, especially if it’s in good condition but just a little worn on the outside.
Morgan modular sofa in santos silver, £1,339; Baku light blanket box, £367.21, both Oak Furniture Land

Picture perfect

Artwork and wall décor is not only a wonderful way to personalise your home but it can be an inexpensive means to change up your look on a regular basis.
Hang a series of picture ledges to display a collection of framed prints and check out websites such as Desenio or Juniqe to pick up affordable artwork.
Get creative and showcase a mixture of family photos, abstract prints and beautiful photography to suit your style at home.
Oak picture ledge, from £14, Grace & Glory Home

New from old

Transform a dated piece of furniture from drab to fab by upcycling it into something you will love again for years to come.
Invest in some Annie Sloan chalk paint in a shade to suit your scheme and why not change old handles on items such as chests of drawers or cabinets?
Remember that upcycling isn’t just about creating a shabby chic finish either—use marble vinyl to cover the surface of a coffee table or desk and spray paint the legs gold for an on-trend, luxurious looking finish.
Wall paint in English Yellow, £39.95 for 2.5L; chalk paint for desk in Provence, £18.95 for 1L, both Annie Sloan

Soft touch

Giving your décor an update can be as simple as changing your accessories. Soft furnishings such as cushions, bedding and throws can be used to style up a living room or bedroom in next to no time, and you’ll be amazed at how much of an effect they can have on the space as a whole.
Use textiles to introduce new colours and patterns and change them up with the seasons to keep the look fresh: supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and George at Asda have fantastic seasonal homeware ranges that will allow you to pick up a stylish new cushion for under a tenner.
Red velvet cushion, £12; Floresta duvet cover and pillowcase set, from £28; red velvet bedspread, from £65, all Dunelm

Step it up

Flooring is a major part of any room but a big expense to change or replace.
If you’re lucky enough to have wooden floors and want to give them a makeover, consider using floor paint to update the boards with a new colour and finish.
You’ll have to do some prep before getting started, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to tackle the project.
Floor painted in Pavilion Gray, £27 for 750ml interior concrete or wooden floors paint, Farrow & Ball

Quick fix

Disguise unsightly tiles using decals which can simply be positioned and stuck down over the top.
Usually made of a glossy vinyl, these smart stickers are ideal for covering kitchen or bathroom splashbacks and they can be removed without leaving a trace.
Look out for striking patterned designs or go for a block colour to suit your existing décor.
Blue Moroccan tile sticker set, £22 for a pack of 24, Sirface Graphics at

Floor filler

When it comes to giving your space a makeover, don’t forget to look down. Much like accessorising with soft furnishings around your home, laying a new rug could be all you need to refresh the look.
As well as adding a cosy touch to living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, a rug can help bring colour, pattern and texture into the room without breaking the bank.
Zuiver tropical palm leaf print rug, £259, Cuckooland
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