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10 Powerful pressure washers for the home

BY Joshua Joda

4th Aug 2023 Home & Garden

4 min read

10 Powerful pressure washers for the home
A pressure washer can be the perfect tool for keeping driveways, patios and garden surfaces clean
If you’re quite keen on DIY, landscaping and general house upkeep, you may already have a pressure washer to hand but if you don’t there are many reasons to invest in one. Conveniently, pressure washers don’t have to solely be used in the garden and can be used to clean cars, driveways, gutters and windows, as well as items like grills or lawnmowers.
They’re also great for getting rid of mold, mildew and dirt that can damage paint and your home’s exterior. But as a quick, efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean, pressure washers can be a great investment for home cleaning.

Bosch EasyAquatak 120 pressure washer

Bosch EasyAquatak 120 washer
An Amazon exclusive, this corded electric Bosch pressure washer has a flow rate of 350 litres per hour and runs with a 1500-watt motor, more than enough to clean even the most stubborn dirt and grime. You can adjust the spray nozzle as well as the pressure depending on the type of cleaning you’re aiming for.
Weight – 4.7kg
Flow rate – 350 litres per hour

Karcher K2 pressure washer

Karcher K2 washer
This machine features app support and is a great choice for everyday cleaning, coming with a distinct yellow colour and a maximum pressure of 1600 PSI.
This washer comes with a standard spray hose, as well as a surface cleaner for tidying large surfaces, without excessive splashing. Also included is a Vairo power spray wand, dirt blaster, home kit and a five-metre high pressure hose.
Weight – 3.99kg
Flow rate – 360 litres per hour

Ryobi RY120PWA

At a heftier 10kg, the RY120PWA pressure washer runs on a 1600-watt motor and has a slightly higher than average flow rate for high-pressure cleaning. Design-wise, it’s upright standing and features a handle and wheels to help you easily move it around.
It also has a flexible steel-braided hose for easy use and is great for cleaning cars, pathways and patios.
Weight – 10kg
Flow rate – 420 litres per hour

Pro-Kleen pressure washer

Pro Kleen washer
This corded electric pressure washer has a maximum PSI of 1,950 and comes with a 33-litre tank, as well as a five-metre pressure hose and power cable for simple and quick cleaning sessions. The washer also has an aluminium water pump that makes it good at resisting rust over time.
Weight – 7kg
Flow rate – 408 litres per hour

Makita HW101 pressure washer

Makita HW101 washer
Ideal for patios and driveways, as well as cleaning windows and cars, this pressure washer is great for straightforward cleaning. It’s an electric corded machine and has a fixed but adjustable nozzle which can be tweaked for cleaning accuracy.
Weight – 6.3kg
Flow rate – 360 litres per hour

Biggzia pressure washer

Biggzia pressure washer
An upstanding unit that also has two wheels, the Biggzia pressure washer can be moved around with relative ease. Powered by a 2000-watt motor, it has a flowrate of 468 litres per hour, giving it effective cleaning power.
The machine’s outlet pipe has a sturdy inner layer that is anti-wear and high-pressure resistant. It has an adjustable nozzle for easily switching from high to low pressure.
Weight – 9.6kg
Flow rate – 468 litres per hour

Turtle Wax TW110

Turtle Wax TW110
The Turtle Wax TW110 is a small and portable unit that comes with a high-pressure gun, power lance, five-metre hose and quick-fit hose connector. It’s powered by a 1400w motor and ideal for quick and easy cleaning.
It’s a solid choice for conveniently cleaning a car, decking or patio.
Weight – 5kg
Flow rate – 330 litres per hour

Norse SK90 portable pressure washer

Norse SK90
As a smaller unit and with a nuanced design, the Norse SK90 is very compact— small enough to fit in your car boot which makes it ideal for storage and for use away from home if needed. Though despite its size, it has a maximum pressure of 1,900 PSI, more than enough for thorough cleaning.
The accessories available include a rotary brush, triangle brush, multi-jet nozzle and a quick-hose connector.
Weight – 7kg
Flow rate – 435 litres per hour

Nilfisk Core pressure washer

Nilfisk washer
This Nilfisk heavy-duty pressure washer has an unassuming design, with a spray bottle and cables attached to the back of the machine. Included is an eight-metre flexible hose with internal reel storage to avoid annoying cable twisting and knotting, alongside an auto-start and stop feature.
Weight – 9.2kg
Flow rate – 400 litres per hour

Black + Decker BXPW1300

Black + Decker BXPW washer
This Black + Decker pressure washer is a good choice for cleaning outdoor surfaces, gates and garden furniture. It comes with six accessories and a water inlet connection device that traps dirt and prevents it from being mixed into the water.
Note: Cannot be connected to mains water supply and uses external water tank.
Weight – 5.69kg
Flow rate – 360 litres per hour
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