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10 of the most unique and unusual sheds ever

10 of the most unique and unusual sheds ever
We've selected 10 of the most unique and amazing sheds. What one takes your fancy?

The watershed

Image source: Cool Things
A floating shed, who would have thought of such a thing? Owner Geoff Hill that's who!
He says "The Water Shed will spend the summer moored off Smuggler's Cove. Access to the shed will be via canoe, rowing boat or swimming, entirely at your own risk."

The cliffhanger

Image source: Daily Mail
This colourful, beach hut inspired shed is owned by Karen Scott from Cromer, Norfolk, but it wouldn't be out of place on the beach at Whitstable.

The diner

Image source: Daily Mail
This 50s inspired American Diner called 'Starliner Diner' is owned by Chris Galley from Chichester, West Sussex.
The retro diner doubles as a party venue and somewhere to relax. It features a diner booth made from old boat seats, as well as homemade furniture and restored vintage jukeboxes

The beach cove

Image source: Cool Things
Bring the beach to your own garden with a shack inspired bar.
The beach cove owner says, "What started as a bit of fun ended up as a shed theme park. I ended up making a beach bar/shack to go with my original shed. The beach cove has been a big hit as it means all the family can use it. The grandchildren love having their own beach and boat and build lots of sandcastles and search for treasure. I love having a pint on my own barstool when the kids have gone home."

The dome experiment

Image source: Telegraph
It looks like the wooden version of the Crystal Maze, but stepping inside is a perfect home away from home.
With a bedroom area on the mezzanine floor and lounge on the ground floor, you could even use it as a guest house. 
Inside dome shed

The lofty one

Image source: Daily Mail
Not enough ground space in you garden? Why not create a tree house like Terry Meredith, from Dursley, Gloucestershire has.
Terry built his shed 4.5 metres in the air, supported by four oak trees. The tree house seats 10 people, houses two beds, and even has a barbecue in the centre for special occasions.

The VW campershed

Image source: Wombrose 
For all those campervan lovers out there, keep the fundamentals of your garden shed and redecorate to make it look like a VW Campervan. Doesn't look too shabby!

The burrow

Image source: Daily Mail 
Perhaps inspired by The Hobbit or Teletubbies. This structure known as 'The Garden House' is owned by Tim Concannon from Buriton, Hampshire

The pub shed

Image source: Telegraph
What looks like a normal shed is, in fact, a small pub at the back of your garden. What more could you ask for? 

The outdoor haven

Image source: Alan's Factory Outlet
We couldn't resist mentioning this unique getaway for your back garden. Could be a great guest house, mancave (or even ladycave). 
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