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10 easy DIY projects to do this Winter

BY Sarah Hughes

27th Oct 2020 Home & Garden

10 easy DIY projects to do this Winter
With much of the country headed into higher tier restrictions and a vaccine not expected to be rolled out until the first half of 2021, this Winter is likely to be tough on all of us.
It’s vital that we all look after our mental health, support each other as much as we can and keep our brains and bodies as active as possible while still adhering to the guidelines.
With that in mind we have compiled a list of easy DIY tasks and projects that homeowners can do to keep themselves busy during coronavirus shutdowns throughout the colder months.
Some will take up a weekend, some just hours or some even minutes but all are achievable and can be done with easily sourced supplies. You’ll not only benefit from ticking off these things to do from your list, but it will keep you busy during those cold rainy days and weekends and your house will thank you for it!

1. Hang your photos

Firstly, if you have old frames, don’t chuck them out! If you choose the right product you can easily do a great home repair job and have an eclectic selection of frames to give your featured photo wall or stairwell some fizz.
Take some time to audit all the photos on your phone and then get them printed out according to the size of the frame it’s going in to create a wall of photos. You can use an app like PhotoBox and get your chosen prints sent directly to your door for a low cost.
Play with composition – especially in areas like stairways or hallways, where walls are often bare and uninspired. If eclectic isn’t your bag then go for a smarter, uniform look and stick to photo frames of the same size colour, and print all photos in either colour or black and white, rather than mixing and matching.

2. Upcycle old furniture

Do you have old furniture that you were planning on getting rid of? Instead of doing that, check out some of these ideas for upcycling old or unused furniture into new and useful items for your house or garden:
Upcycle old drawers into planters
Breathe new life into an unloved piece of furniture by filling it with new life! All you need is some paint and a bit of plastic lining to hold the soil in and viola – a new and unique pot for your plants!
Transform an old table into an ottoman
Why not turn an old unused table into an upholstered ottoman that complements your sofas?
For this task you’ll need the fabric of your choice, some foam, staples, decorative nailheads and thread and then the tools you’ll need are a mallet, stapler, needles and scissors.
Dresser into a bar
One of our favourite upcycle ideas. If you have an old dresser, why not create a vintage themed bar from it? All you need to do is use some fusion mineral paint in the colour of your choice, add some shelving in and integrate some glass holders and you have your very own bar!

3. Replace old taps

You can give your bathroom or kitchen a mini makeover by simply updating the taps to give the rooms a fresh new feel. It’s a job you can easily tackle yourself and one that’s not going to cost the earth, with taps available from as little as £40. All you’ll need is access under your sink and to know how to turn your water supply off and on again. So if you are sick of the drip drip drip, it’s definitely a task to add to your list.

4. Spruce up your bathroom

If you can’t afford a new bathroom there are still ways to spruce it up to be the bathroom of your dreams in an affordable way.
Update a dreary bathroom by re-painting the vanity, updating the fixtures, adding treated feature wallpaper and putting in peel and stick flooring for an inviting and warm place to do your ablutions. To jazz it up that bit more you can also get peel and stick mirror frames, back splash and even reclaimed wood walls!

5. Add new handles and knobs

If you are furnishing on a tight budget, one of the easiest ways to get a one of a kind look is to update your hardware. This simple fix can majorly transform your items of furniture such as dressers and cabinets and provide a whole new look for your cupboards and drawers. If your furniture doesn’t match, it can help bring a look together and also make plain boring furniture look effortlessly chic and luxe.

6. Paint your doors

If you fancy jumping on one of the latest trends and adding a splash of colour to your living space then it might be worth considering painting all the interior doors on your home. It’s a colourful and playful way to bring character to your indoor space without the commitment of going for an accent wall or a fully painted room.
You’ll need a brush, cloth, masking tape, fine sandpaper, a pure bristled brush and some primer – in addition to the paint you choose. Be sure to remove all fittings and prep the door before you sand and paint.

7. Hang new curtains

This is sometimes a chore that stays permanently at the bottom or your to do list, but replacing tired curtains can give a whole new look and feel to your room. Take the time to find the best fixtures for them – the right fitting for your curtains should work well and look smart. Also take your time in choosing which pole or track you need to hang your curtains from so that they hang curtains beautifully.

8. Update your lighting

Light fixture makeovers are a very simple way of renovating the space in your home, improving functionality and making a big impact on the interior design without the big dent in your wallet.
Make your individual space trendier by picking out more up to date lighting design and fixtures and switch to LED lighting and save on energy costs.
A popular choice when choosing light updates is recessed lighting as it’s extremely versatile – providing more easily dispersed lighting than can be positioned and directed for a variety of lighting uses. It also looks great and is a good choice for above kitchen islands or sinks and in rooms with low ceilings.

9. Paint your rooms

A simple lick of paint can refresh rooms completely. You can stick to the same colour that the room is now and use the paint to cover up stains or marks to make it look more presentable or if you are feeling adventurous then why not try a totally different colour. You can get a variety of test pots delivered to your door by Amazon or any of the DIY stores.

10. Tackle your trimmings

Skirting boards are crucial to finishing a room off. In high traffic areas they are prone to getting scuffs and marks so it’s worthwhile re-painting them a couple of times a year to keep them looking fresh and tidy. It’s a relatively simple job to do but attention to detail is needed to ensure the paint and gloss on the skirting board is to a high standard. If you’re painting an entire room remembered to leave your woodwork and skirting boards until last.
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