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Why you should invest in a silk bonnet

Why you should invest in a silk bonnet

Jenessa Williams lays her head among luxury in a bid for silky locks

What are they?

Within afro-textured hair communities, the silk bonnet is a haircare tip handed down through generations, but it seems that the wider beauty industry now want a slice of the action too, as silk hair ties, turbans, wraps and even pillowcases are selling by the bucketload.

silke scarf.jpg


What are the supposed benefits?

Designed to create less static or friction, silk hair products work to reduce the impact of tossing and turning at night. Keeping hair in one place, they are said to minimise moisture loss and breakage, allowing hair cuticles to glide against each other rather than becoming entangled. You should notice a lack of "bed head" when you wake in the morning and, over time, may even find that you need to wash your hair less as it adapts to better oil retention. There’s also an aesthetic bonus, a brightly coloured silk scrunchie easily adds something extra to an outfit—perfect for low-key holiday celebrations. Silk pillowcases also feel like a particularly luxurious gift.

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Do they actually work?

In short, yes! As a means of additional protection, a silk sleep bonnet will do wonders to keep your hair looking nourished and smooth. As a mixed-race woman with afro curls, I found that by following my normal weekly wash routine, applying an overnight oil every ten days and wearing my silk bonnet at night, my hair was noticeably less dry and tangled at the ends, with much less frizz or breakage at the roots. If Santa is listening, I’ll take one in every colour. 


Hero products

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