Why Do We Attach Meaning to Rings and Fingers?

The hand

Whether you wear a particular ring on the right or left hand is significant. Historically, in Eastern culture, the right hand is for giving, and the left for receiving. In more modern terms it’s been established that the left brain, which is responsible for logic, controls the right hand. The right brain, controlling the left hand, is responsible for creativity (the opposite if you’re left-handed).


The second or index finger

This is the finger most often employed in gesticulating to establish authority and power. It is also associated with leadership and ambition. 

The middle finger

As the centre of the hand, the middle finger represents personal identity, and the fact that it is the longest represents materialism. 

The fourth or ring finger

As has already been mentioned, the ring finger is connected venously to the heart, and therefore a ring on this finger empowers our feelings of love, faithfulness and affection. It also promotes creativity and talent, particularly when worn on the left hand. 

Little finger

The smallest - but the mightiest, in many respects - the little finger or pinky is associated with our intuition, and attitudes to others and the world. 

A ring on this finger, which is furthest from the independent thumb, will intensify our bonds in business and personal relationships. Pick rings with amber or citrine stones.

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