What to wear and how to prepare for a casino night

A night out at a casino is a special occasion for most of us and one that requires planning – especially when it comes to that all important outfitas many casinos have dress codes in place.

Of course, it all depends on where you are in the World, after all - a night out at the Bellagio in Vegas will call for a very different attire to a night out at the Genting Casino in China Town. That aside, a night in a casino is still a great opportunity to dress up wherever you are and have some fun at the tables with your friends and family.

We’ve put together some preparation advice and a collection of outfit suggestions for you to consider when planning your casino night out.


First things first, do your research. Knowing what to expect and how to find the perfect outfit will make your night even better!

  • Visit the website of the casino you are planning on going to and check what the specific dress code is. Many have quite a relaxed approach and operate a smart casual policy - so as long as you don’t rock up in trainers and an old t-shirt and jeans, the chances are you’ll still be allowed in. There are some that will require you to abide by a formal dress code and then others where they may state a relaxed dress code is in place, but the venue has quite a glamourous and luxurious environment which means you might feel more comfortable in something thats a bit dressier and fits in with the sophisticated atmosphere. 
  • The decor, presentation, and look of the casino will influence your choice of outfit so make sure you research this too. Check the website for pictures of the casino's interior to get an idea of the level of formality. Pictures of patrons or employees in suits, elegant interiors, and high-end food and drinks are all clues that the casino is more formal.
  • Think about your entire night before you choose anything. Will you be dining at the casino before you hit the tables and spending the whole night there or are you just planning on heading there later in the night to hit the slot machines and enjoy a dance and a late-night beer or two? If dining, be sure to check there isn’t a different dress code in place for the restaurant as some casinos have attached nightclubs or restaurants with more formal dress codes than the actual gaming area.
  • It’s also worth checking to see what’s on, on the night you are planning to visit - if they have certain themes, experiences or shows on, then this could influence the type of outfit you decide to wear.  
  • Talk to your party and find out what they’re planning to wear, it’s best if you all have about the same level of formality.
  • Set a clothing budget. You may already have the perfect outfit at home, but if you don’t, set a budget before you start shopping. If you are going to a casino that requires formal wear that you do not have, then you can also look at stores that rent out outfits.

Different dress codes


Think about what you would wear if you were going to a nice bar or dinner in the evening and apply the same to a casino night with a smart casual dress code. For example, smart jeans, with a top, blazer jacket and heels or a black skirt, matched with a blouse or dress top and a statement necklace would work perfectly.

Dress to impress

Whilst the go to outfit would be the classic cocktail dress for this type of dress code, there are ways to glam up many outfits. For example – a classic garment such a simple black dress can become more elegant with the addition of lace, sequins or the right accessories. If you want to stand out a little more than that, then why not try a dress in a vivid or metallic colour, with complementary accessories in black, and shoes or high-heeled boots. 

Formal/Black tie

Black tie isn't as strict for women as it is for men, but you’ll still need your very best clothes. Women should wear a floor-length gown in fabrics such as silk, satin, or velvet, avoiding jersey, linen and cotton blends. Wear whatever colours work for you. Glitz and glamour are expected so don’t be shy with your accessories – think statement jewellery pieces, gloves, faux fur, handbags and hair pieces and ensure your shoes match your outfit too.

Casino themed parties

Decided to plan your own casino themed party instead? You can enjoy a fantastic and fun Vegas themed party for your friends and family by setting up your own casino where you and your guests can play the best online slotsraise the stakes with some poker and try your hand at some black jack - all from the comfort of your own home.

Create a great atmosphere using themed tableware, scene setters and decorations and ask your guests to dress for the occasion using inspiration from the famous casino scenes and characters from the films listed below.

Casino Royale

Make the theme of your night suave, sophisticated and sexy a la 007 and Vesper Lynd. Think black tie and slicked back hair for the men and plunging necklines for the women.


Think Ace in his shiny suits and slender ties, Nicky in his monochromatic browns and Ginger – who let’s face it – steals the screen and is the most addictive to watch – in her skin-tight dresses, decadent furs and jewels.

Indecent proposal

Get your 90’s on - throwback your casino theme to your 1990s wardrobe and follow Moore’s, Redford and Harrelson’s lead in the clothes department.

Harlem Nights

Take 1930s inspo – black and white suits and flapper style shimmery dresses and Alice band.

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas

Probably the most fun theme of all with plenty of scope for some crazy outfits – think psychedelic 70’s style costumes for both the men and women. 

Not in the mood to dress up? There are a lot of online casino sites to choose from where you can play in your pyamas

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