Trendy Tips to Style Your Clothes in Fashion with Patches

Customized clothing with patches is a trend this season, so if you want to be fashionable in the coming months, it is best to get a wide variety of patches, a good iron and get ready to give a new style to those garments that you don't use anymore.

Patches, patches and more patches! During the last two years, we have seen how these little pieces of fabric with different designs and colors have taken the most daring catwalks flooding different garments, this because the 90s do not want to leave and return with more force every year.

The options of where to place a patch are endless, depending on the press and the material of the same. Thus, cotton and denim fabrics are especially grateful when decorating them with striking ornaments.

Therefore, if you have a white shirt cornered in a drawer in the room, take it out and make it fashionable by giving it a little joy with a colorful patch on the chest area, for example.

If what you want to customize is a denim garment, these may be some ideas:

  • Jeans: Attach a large patch to one of the back pockets. Everyone will look at you! If you're a little more daring, don't cut yourself and have fun gluing several small patches along the legs.

  • Skirts: Who said skirts are boring? Put a couple of patches on both sides of the front pockets and enjoy the summer!

  • Vests and jackets: they are the garments that you will see most personalized with this type of ornament. Any place is good to show off your imagination.

But if decorating clothes is too small for you, why not try your luck with accessories? Sneakers, caps and even bags. You can ask to make patches of your choice, which allow experiencing the customization.

This is how the patches on clothes are no longer just for those who dare more and "plug in" themselves their jackets or jeans; now from the most exclusive brands to fast fashion stores they have patched pieces of all colors and sizes. A trend that gives a touch of fun to our day to day.

Prepare your garment to stick the patch you have chosen

The first thing you have to look at is what kind of material our garment is made of. The heat adhesive patches (which are ironed) stick much better in clothing or cotton mixed materials. Make sure your garment can be ironed, this is usually indicated on clothing labels with an iron symbol. Spread the garment well and decide where your patch will be attached.

Iron your clothes patch

Spread the clothes on a surface that will not burn, such as the ironing board, although you can also use a marble or glass table. Place the patch in the area where it will be glued, with the adhesive part underneath (Sure!). Heat your iron to the maximum temperature that the item of clothing where the patch will be placed can withstand. Once we have the hot iron, we place on the patch a thin towel or a kitchen cloth, this will protect the patch as well as the garment. Place the iron on top of the towel over the patch and hold it firmly pressing for about 15 seconds. Check the patch, if it has been adjusted you already have it, if not, press again for about 10 seconds.

Fit the patch perfectly

A good idea to keep your clothing patch tight and not come off with the passage of time or machine washes, is to sew the edges with thread, something that will undoubtedly make patches stay fixed forever.

And if you like to customize, but you still do not dare with the patches, try other decoration methods.

In 2019 denim was the preferred base to intervene with patches; this year we see how the military style bomber jackets have taken over this trend and street style throughout the world. It is not only a must of the winter season; we will definitely continue to see it in spring and summer, since jeans and jackets are key pieces of our closet that remain timeless.

In styles, it is mainly the oversize jeans jackets that are chosen for the patches, and in jeans, the relax or boyfit, which are looser and larger and give us more space to play with them. They are also from the same time, that is, the 90s settling in our closet and in our hearts!

For those who are not yet so daring, there are patches that go on the jackets that are the same color as the fabric, therefore they do not stand out as much but they do give it a more stylish touch. Or they don't have to be many patches; it is enough with one that gives color to our daily look and a different air from what we always use.

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