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Top three hair transplant clinics in the UK


5th May 2021 Fashion & Beauty

Top three hair transplant clinics in the UK

Hair Transplant services have become quite popular in recent times, and the trend is not decreasing, at least not anytime soon. Yet, quality services are not always easy to come by.

It appears to casual observers that you can only find all of the best in London. But that is far from the case. A good number of quality treatment centers are indeed located in London, and this is quite understandable. London is the political but the financial, economic, and arguably, the UK's cultural capital. As such, it should have a decent share of these facilities. Nevertheless, there is a good share of these top-notch facilities outside of London as well.

So, are you in search of a hair transplant clinic where you get more than just a singular form of hair transplant treatment? Do you desire a clinic that gives you access to a wide range of options to treat your hair loss or balding hair? Would you like a service that gives you thorough consultation to determine your hair care needs and then suggests the best option to you? Then look no further than this article.

Here, we outline three of those leading hair transplant clinics found all across the UK. Dive in!

Best hair transplant clinics in UK

Capilclinic United Kingdom

As we mentioned earlier, the best clinics can not only be found in London but in other parts of the country as well. Capilclinic, located across the United Kingdom, is a testament to that fact. With multiple branches in the United Kingdom and even more across the world, this is a place to be.

One feature that sets the Capilclinic apart is that they are quite thorough with their patients. Capilclinic gives specific attention to each patient delivering tailored treatment services against the generic treatment model you find with most hair care providers.

As a result, we see that Capilclinic is not rigid but versatile in its treatments. It does not fixate itself on any specific type or method of treatment. What they do is arrange a consultation with potential patients. During these consultations, the potential patients' desires, needs, and medical peculiarities are properly discussed. Based on the findings from the consultation, the experts in charge will then suggest the best treatment for the potential patient.

Generally, it offers the popular Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) common with many other clinics around the country. When it comes to the FUE technique, one trait that Capilclinic is particularly known for is that its hair treatment procedures feature minimal invasion of the treated area. Its transplant and care processes are intricately done so that there is minimal loss of hair and a very insignificant effect on the balded or treated area.

Over the years, it has garnered a wide range of glowing reviews across the world. This not only assures you that you will enjoy favorable results, but you can also be sure to enjoy long-term results. This guarantees that you get value for money and regain that beautiful hair that will bring back your self-confidence in full force.

You can easily locate the London branch of this clinic is 130 Harley Street, London. You can also opt for other procedures in this clinic, such as eyebrow and eyelash transplants. You will be sure to get the same level of attention to detail.

Harley Street Healthcare Clinics

Located in London is the Harley Street Healthcare Clinic. Over the years, the Harley Street Healthcare Clinic has established itself as a force to reckon with in London.

Notably, Harley Street Healthcare Clinic is known for its attention to satisfactory customer service. Medical care and treatment are also other lifestyle services to give you a comprehensive and wholesome treatment. Surprisingly, all of these are offered at the most discounted prices.

Another unique feature of Harley Street Healthcare Clinic is that they have a robust and comprehensive post-transplant treatment service. This is because they believe in ensuring that there is perfection at whatever stage of treatment. This also stems from the realization that how post-transplant care is handled may go a long way in determining how effective the entire treatment process may be.

Also, it offers the popular Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) common with many other clinics around the country. This clinic host specialist when it comes to this technique. In turn, this enables this clinic to deliver an advanced version of this technique which cut across Undetectable FUE, Ultra Refined FUE, and Robotic FUE. This clinic is not without branches in other parts of the United Kingdom, such as Manchester and Birmingham's Victoria Square.

The Treatment Rooms London

This is undoubtedly one of the leading hair care centers in London and has managed to gain prominence in the city despite its competition. Many things set Treatment Rooms London apart. Still, it is quite notable that, unlike the others, it tends to direct its focus at non-surgical methods of hair treatment and transplant rather than the surgical methods popular in the industry.

Although surgical treatment has proven to be effective over the years, it is not always patient-friendly. Notably, most of the surgical methods available are invasive, and they almost always lead to injuries and discomfort for the patient, thus the need for non-surgical care. However, we have to note that Treatment Rooms London is still a leader in surgical treatments as well.

Fortes doesn't just stop at hair transplant. They offer other hair services, especially aesthetics and beauty services. These include lip augmentation, dermal fillers, top-notch professional consultations, and much more. As a result, it is known to attract patients worldwide who seek its specialist services. Their patients come from both genders.


Although you can get hair transplant services anywhere, it is not quite good that you get them anywhere. Since it deals with your hair, you should give it the best you can get. These clinics all over the UK give you access to the best. We have listed three of the best options that will do the trick for you. So, go on and enjoy the experience in any of them.

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