Top 5 celebrity ponytails and how to create them

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23rd Dec 2021

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Top 5 celebrity ponytails and how to create them
The ponytail is a classic hairstyle. Here are five great celebrity ponytails and how to recreate them
You may not know this, but your go-to stay at home ponytail can be traced back to Ancient Greece and has been featured in Egyptian and Roman art too. Many centuries later, the ponytail landed on thousands of shelves worldwide - worn by Barbie, the world’s most famous doll developed by Mattel.

What does a ponytail represent nowadays?

Usually, a ponytail is a simple and practical hairstyle often chosen by long-haired athletes and, more generally speaking, by anyone who needs to keep their hair out of the way. But with a few touches, your average ponytail can be the statement hairstyle that complete your look. Peppy, flirty, wispy and sassy; sleek, elegant, low and reserved; braided, bouncy, high and fierce – there’s a ponytail for every occasion. In the history of cinema, music and beauty, ponytails have often made an appearance and became a fashion symbol – therefore, it’s not surprising to see more and more celebrities rocking their version of this iconic hairstyle on and off stage. And, of course, some of these celebrity-worn ponytails have made history.

1. Kendall Jenner's messy ponytail

In 2016 Kendall Jenner stepped on the 69th Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet, driving everyone crazy over the weekend with her barely-there Roberto Cavalli dress. But it’s at the Chopard party that, wrapped in a feathery Elie Saab naked dress + duster co-ord, Kendall rocked an unforgettable, wispy ponytail. If you’d like to recreate this look to spice up an angelic outfit, get your hairbrush ready.

2. Ariana Grande's iconic oversized ponytail

Pretty much since she debuted with Nickelodeon, any respectable Arianator has seen Ari rock a huge number of aesthetics, hair colours and so on throughout her career. But one of her looks stands particularly out, so much that it’s been marked by MTV News as the one thing that “caught more attention than her fashion choices”. Constantly imitated by celebrities and influencers, Ariana Grande’s iconic oversized ponytail makes the perfect party statement hairstyle.

3. Fergie's bubble ponytail

With the Y2K revival it’s impossible not to look back at the hairstyles that defined an era – even if it’s a previous decade we’re talking about. The early 2000s had a Queen of The Badass, and her name is Fergie – as she also pointed out in her single, “Fergalicious”.
Besides her signature style, the “bump” – Fergie wore an extralong bubble ponytail on the red carpet at the 2005’s Teen Choice Awards. Whether it’s for a themed party or to channel your inner Princess Jasmine, you can grab your clip-in extensions and show off this incredible ponytail.

4. Bella Hadid's retro ponytail

Chrome Hearts’ model Bella Hadid knows how to make the world talk about her; it’s the trendsetter’s number one rule. And besides being an activist and a philanthropist, Bella is that one person that can make anything take off – even a side parted, short ponytail. After her, many other celebrity darlings have tried this hairstyle, including the hottest millionaire siblings on the scene – Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Why not giving it a go for this year’s Winter Holidays?

5. Beyonce's side ponytail

And how do you mention celebrity icons and trendsetters without talking about Beyonce?
There is no need to list the reasons why Queen Bey was, is, and keeps on staying relevant, both as an artist and public figure.
Although majority of us thought that this updo was buried somewhere in the 80s along with shoulder pads and flashy gym attire, Beyonce was determined to bring it back – in a modernised, fresher version of course. And she believed in the side-pony so much, that she also chose it as her go-to look for the 2015’s Met Gala.
Wearing the right ponytail, like this timeless sleek clip in wrap-around ponytail, can dress up any day-time look effortlessly to brunch with your friends, going to work or school.
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