Top 5 braid hairstyles

Hair braiding is the best way to get a gorgeous stand-out look, without the salon prices. Hundreds of styles are out there to suit different styles and hair textures, and they never fail to get a great reaction. 

1. Rope 

The rope braid is a classic. Not only is it functional, but it also looks great. To achieve this style, gather your hair into a ponytail, make two sections and twist each in one direction before twisting both together until you get the desired effect. 


2. Halo 

Why just have hair when you can have a halo? To get the look, create an inverted French braid all the way around your hairline, remembering to swap hands half way, before tucking and securing the ends when done. 


3. Waterfall 

All the beauty of Niagara Falls right on top of your head; this braid never fails to draw attention! Braid across the head from ear to ear remembering to drop the outer section of the braid, which you would normally crossover.


4. Chainlink 

Nothing says active and determined like a chain-link braid. To begin, gather a low ponytail and separate four sections, warpping each over the other to form the knots. You may need a bit of practice but this style shows you really mean business. 


5. Spiral 

Another look that is s sure to deliver impact is the spiral braid. It's individual, distinctive and is a great festival look. Begin at the crown and French braid in a spiral, gathering hair from the outside edge until you arrive at your hair line and can secure the tail with a bobby clip.