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The timeless tartan scarf trend

The timeless tartan scarf trend

Tartan is a timeless trend and with winter drawing near, what better way to stay warm than wrapping yourself up in this classic Highland print.

Winter warmers

While warmth and style are two elements that are rarely found in the same garment, Scottish heritage brand Begg & Co have been pioneers of elegant comfort for over a century. The company was founded in 1866 by Mr Alex Begg in the town of Paisley (also home to the famous pattern), and to this day the brand continues to operate just 35 miles from its birthplace a truly British product. They produce a vast range of high quality shawls, rugs, scarves and throws for both men and women. This season heritage prints are back on the catwalk. Herringbone and particularly vibrant tartans have made an appearance in the collections of numerous designers, such as Vivienne Westwood and Nichole Farhi. Begg & Co offer style to suit the season in any one of their cosy heritage print items. 


Royal Stewart

Royal Stewart tartan traditionally belongs to the royal House of Stewart and is the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. However, in the seventies the Royal Stewart tartan became more recognisable as essential punk fashion, sticking it to royalty with their anti-monarchist ideals.



The Lindsay tartan again has royal origins, belonging to Sir Walter Lindsay who became King of Scots in 1124. The Lindsay's were part of many battles to retain a Scottish Crown, a fierce defender of Scottish independence. 

Royal Arran


Braveheart Warrior

Compared to the tartan above, Braveheart Warrior is fairly modern. It was designed in 1995 for Ronnie Watt to represent Scotland in Martial Arts under the ring title: The Braveheart Warrior. Unfortunately, this does mean the design has no direct connection with the Braveheart film.

Braveheart Arran

Visit Begg & Co to view their complete collection

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