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The right way to get a Summer ready body

The right way to get a Summer ready body

When the weather begins to warm, it’s a basic ritual for lots of us to go through all our summer clothes - in preparation for the fun and exciting Summer season. What’s less exciting is the daunting idea of trying to acheive the perfect summer body. 

Being comfortable in your skin is the secret to having a confident day at the pool, and for some, this does mean losing some lbs before it’s time to unveil. Here are some ways to get your body bikini ready. 


Cardio is one of the most important aspects of any healthy exercise plan. While cardio is not the most efficient way to tone, the repetitive techniques will burn fat. One of cardios greatest rewards is the ability to press on, and do the work more easily in the future. Too much cardio; however, can waste time without adding some weight-lifting to create lean muscle. Cardio should be viewed as a necessary tool to assist in reaching the overall goal.

Running takes endurance, but it one of the most rewarding exercises with real results. Each time you start a run, you will last longer than the time before. Remember, if running is out of your scope of skills, jogging or walking is still better than lounging on the couch eating potato chips. 

Cut the Carbs

Some people do a complete crash diet where they use upcoming event to eat like a bird and lose a few pounds. But this can be as unhealthy as it enocurages the body to store as much fat as possible for energy when needed. Crash diets cause only minimal weight loss, and a miserable hungry experience, so keep healthy weight loss methods in mind.

The main culprit of stored weight is excessive carbohydrate consumption. A great way to lose weight is to replace all these carbs with fresh greens or vegetables. Your body still needs energy from food. With healthy dieting your body will not have all the extra sugars to store as fat when carb heavy foods are left out, but will still have the energy to get up and go. Training yourself to seek a healthy snack, versus a treat packed with carbs, will take time but will encourage itself, until you don't even desire the overly sweet treats.

Mix Up Your Workout

If your body is too used to the same exact workout, weight loss and toning is likely to stall. Over time your body will build what it needs to to complete your set, while slacking where less effort is needed. When a high intensity workout that used to be challenging starts to become too easy, it is time to work towards a new goal, or up the intensity. 

Try taking a brand new class offered at your gym. If you are addicted to the treadmill, start going for swims, or swap your bicep curls for leg presses. Working the same muscles in another way will help round out where the calories are burnt and how muscles grow. 

Dance It Off

Who doesn’t love to dance? By incorporating fun aspects to workout like music you can keep yourself in the zone the entire time. Those who practice jazzercise, or other dance toning, know that the time flies by. Don't make your workout a chore, workouts that are fun are their own reward. This will make it easier to return the workout and reach your goal, rather than dreading the exercise and staying home.

Try a cumbia or salsa class, where there is no focus put on ‘exercising’; it is simply for fun. These methods not only help build muscle and burn fat, but teach you a valuable skills.

Short Interval, High Intensity 

If putting aside time daily is a large problem, there are still ways to squeeze in effective workouts. Specific programs exist, and even apps to download on your smartphone, that will instruct you in a 10-15 minutes workout. These small bursts are useful for those who only have small periods to achieve big results.

The exercises get intense pretty quickly, so even though it is a short time, at first you may not make it through the entire workout. But with high intensity workouts the effects are powerful, and your body will quickly be able to rise to the task. These little bursts of fitness can be squeezed into breaks at work, or just waking a few minutes earlier. 

Any Body is a Bikini Body

The entire idea of worrying about what you look like on the beach can be daunting during springtime, but know that if you are comfortable in the way you look, then other’s opinions will not matter. 

Enjoy the day at the beach with your friends, without showing your disappointment that a particular workout or diet plan is not going according to plan. Make plans to treat yourself, whether you need to have your eyebrows threaded, want highlights, or even want to try Emma Coates Dermaplaning for the first time. 

Wear It Loud, Wear It Proud

Use all of our helpful hints to get you to the bikini body you desire this year. A correct combination of a healthy diet and a proper workout will produce the results you're looking for. It may take time to find what works for you, but as long as you tackle the biggest challenge of sticking to your plan, you’ll find your way.

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