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The influence graphic designers have on the fashion industry


4th May 2021 Fashion & Beauty

The influence graphic designers have on the fashion industry

Here is a little bit of myth-busting that needs to be done. The fashion industry does not only require you to have a fancy degree in fashion designing. You could be a graphic designer worth your salt and join the industry to make money as well.

The idea might not seem like it has any truth in it. However, over the length and breadth of this article, we shall shed light on the same and discuss how graphic designers can cement their place in the fashion industry and the kind of influence that they have on the industry.


The fashion industry relies heavily on graphic designers and needs all the help from them to transform their vision into reality. From customized clothing to designing the flyers for important fashion events, graphic designers are what the industry needs and for all the right reasons. Having said that, let us proceed to look at a few of these ways in which graphic designers influence the fashion industry and how designers can make a steady living out of this industry.

Sharing ideas through catalogs: 

The industrial revolution was a confusing time for the people of America. But it did deliver some of the best notes on fashion and styling. Women back then, loved their fashion and were intrigued by how women from other parts of the world, especially France, styled themselves. There was immense curiosity in women during the industrial revolution as they took notes from women in other parts of the world on fashion via magazines that would create compelling visuals to tell these stories. Periodicals such as Harper’s New Monthly delivered the news on the fashion industry and its trends from all around the world in brilliant graphics created by graphic designers. Women in America loved to be informed on the fashion industry so that they could incorporate the same into their fashion.


Some of these magazines, even 100 years later, are still delivering news and tips from the fashion industry with the help of stunning and creative visuals created by graphic designers. Back in the times of the industrial revolution, when digital printing was not yet invented, it was these designers who assumed the central position in making fashion available to the women in America.

Making and selling art:

The best kinds of fashion are the ones that stand inevitable and are timeless. Fashion is finding common ground between timelessness and waning trends, and the fashion industry has been leveraging this aspect of fashion since times immemorial with the good help of graphic designers. Fashion is about selling people the kind of lifestyle that they dream of. The fashion industry uses the glossy pages of the magazines to sell illustrations and art created by graphic designers so that they can pique people’s interest and make money out of the same. Fashion designers step into the picture only after a fashion idea has been sold. The job of selling this idea is managed by the graphic designers.


However, graphic designers do not only find their place between the enticing pages of the magazines. The fashion industry needs its designers for a plethora of other work too. Customized t-shirts are quite in vogue these days, and it is the graphic designers that customize beautiful and the required designs on t-shirts. Graphic designers help the fashion industry thrive by making wearable works of art. Unlimited Graphic Design Service is provided by designers from reputed graphic designing companies. These designers work hand-in-hand with the fashion industry and the fashion designers to create compelling designs on t-shirts and help the industry sell its art.

Churning Out Visual Content:

It has been quite a few years since the fashion industry has started dominating social media platforms. Social media platforms do not only connect people from every corner of the world anymore. They have also become hotspots for fashion and designing trends. They have become platforms through which businesses can reach out to more people and convert them all the same. The fashion industry has also quickly jumped on the bandwagon to take their business to more people with the help of graphic designers.

Instagram, Facebook and other platforms use sparkling visuals to grab eyeballs and interact with them. Graphic designers create a continuous series of visual content for their target audience and help the fashion industry gain some loyal customers. Instagram has about one billion active users, and hence, it has proven itself as one of the most important social media platforms where the fashion industry can thrive. Graphic designers make use of this platform, and several others, to keep the fashion industry ahead of the curve and interact with its target audience.

Bringing Out a Unique Personality:

The final area where graphic designers prove themselves useful in the fashion industry is in bringing out a unique personality. No one would like it if everyone wore the same patterns and the same material. It gets boring. But the fashion industry is supported by the graphic designing industry, and this helps in breaking this monotony. Graphic designers can bring in a lot of difference in fashion designs and style by using their creativity. Plus, people get to choose from a hoard of options to style themselves and stand out in the crowd. Without the help of graphic designers, the fashion industry would wear away, and redundancy would set in. This is just yet another way in which graphic designers influence the fashion industry.


Graphic designers, thus, determine the course of the ever-changing yet rooted fashion industry:

 Finally, the only thing that remains to be said is that fashion and graphic design works simultaneously and in close union. The graphic designing industry might be able to exist independently without the help of the fashion industry, but the reverse cannot be said to be true. The fashion industry, as we can infer from this discussion, is heavily dependent on graphic designers. Thus, while the fashion industry is still alive and kicking, graphic designers shall always find a way to make money out of their creative skills.

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