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The brilliant business mind Lana Kerr, CEO of Lumisque Skincare

The brilliant business mind Lana Kerr, CEO of Lumisque Skincare

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Business acumen and a talent for creating successful enterprises are rarely found among people. It takes outstanding commitment and hard work to start a business model fit for the industry
The skincare industry is hugely saturated, making it easier to enter with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art resources. Lana Kerr, the CEO and founder of Lumisque Skincare, has done just that and much more, causing ripples through the skincare industry.

About Lana

Lana was born in Washington DC and moved to Jamaica, where she lived her formative years. Back in the States, she lived on a farm run by her father and supplied milk and juices to the local supermarket. Her mother was also a business owner, running her personal dentist's office in their city. Growing up amidst such business thinkers positively impacted Lana, who decided to tread the same route. She was exposed to business tactics and methods early and learned to think like a business person.

The start of Lana's business

Lana's passion for helping people propelled her to develop a business model through which she could seek answers and provide solutions like no other. Her critical thinking can be traced back to when she was 14 and started a business selling buns with her friend. She discovered that they could make them cheap and sell them at a premium price; thus, she was encouraged to start thinking of ways to make profits early on.
Selling buns was just the start, and Lana was already looking for business ideas. Seeing her father's farm producing wasted milk, Lana racked her brain to find ways of utilizing that milk. It led to the formation of a pig farm she started at 19, where she planned to feed and raise pigs. She made a considerable profit by selling pigs and jerky to the local markets.

Developing her knowledge

After these valuable business experiences, Lana studied finance and accounting and got her college degree. To assist her brother's deteriorating health, her family sought nutritious options to help him. It motivated Lana to earn a certification in health and wellness, which she eventually did. Helping her brother inspired her, and she partnered with her husband, Terry, to start a weight loss centre called "Your Fat Loss Coach."

Lana's business today

For over 24 years, Lana and her husband have been helping people from all backgrounds to lose weight and become the best versions of themselves. They love that they can help people attain their health and fitness goals and improve their overall life. While doing this, Lana became interested in the wellness industry, specifically the skincare market. She found out that while there were many products for the face and body, there were not as many for a woman’s intimate part, the vagina.
From there, Lana researched and created something that could be life-altering for women in their skincare routine. She came across the carboxytherapy treatment, initially done with needles. Through research, she discovered a group of scientists that patented a gel delivery system. Lana obtained exclusive rights to the technology and created CO2Lift and CO2Lift V for skin and vaginal rejuvenation. This got so many positive results, and now many providers, from dermatologists to gynecologists, are recommending CO2LiftV for better health and well-being of a woman's intimate areas.
With Lana's experience in the business world, it is no surprise that she has excellent problem-solving skills, which helped her find answers to questions that no one else had. She is all for doing good and finds strength in her family and her husband, who encourage and support her business endeavors.
To learn more about Lana, follow her on Instagram @thelanakerr.