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Tattoos over 50, is it time we broke the taboo?


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

Tattoos over 50, is it time we broke the taboo?

Who knew tattoos and wrinkles could totally rock? Seriously, if you worry your tatts will look tatty when you hit your seventies, check out these badass dudes.

Je ne regrette rien

Tattoos - then and now

It used to be salty old sea dogs that had tattoos. Then it was the young, who either lived to regret it or lasered them off. The sensible middle aged didn’t dare scar their skin. We knew that a fresh faced Marilyn Monroe would soon look jowly when the muscles on our upper arms started to sag. But according to a recent survey, 86% of ink lovers have no regrets. They love their tattoos, even as they age. Could it be that old tatts actually look OK? Has the taboo been broken? Can we all rush out and get inked?


Saggy and starkers

Saggy old Tattoos?

Well, judging by this lot, grannies with tatts should be shrugging off their twin-sets and showing some skin. These pensioners aren’t covering up; they’re posing with all the attitude and sass of rebellious teens. These aren’t small tattoos either - we’re not talking a discreet little rose here, no, the seniors above are sporting some serious artwork. From full sleeves to all over inking, the tatts look spectacular, saggy skin and all. Pierced nipples, Grandpa? Bring it on…


Times are a changing 

Tattoos as people get older

More than a fifth of us now have tattoos, and like it or not, we’re all getting older. Around a third of 16-44 year olds have at least one, 16 % have two. Just imagine our nursing homes in thirty years time. Will Brad and Angelina settle down to matching slippers and polyester cardies? I think not. The hell-raisers of today will flaunt their tattoos with all the badass bolshiness of their youth. What’s that nurse? A small sherry, you say? No way! Pass us the Bourbon, babe, and I’ll show you my tatts.


Still not convinced?

Tattoos look awesome as you age

OK, so you want a tattoo, but the thought of it going saggy gives you the shivers. Why not play it safe then? Go for skin that doesn’t see the sun, as it’s far less likely to sag. Beware of your bum though, that’s the exception. Sun or no sun, buttocks head south, so avoid this area if you can. Try the back of the neck or lower back, or if you want something more visible, the inner forearm is good. It doesn’t lose muscle tone or turn to crepe the way the upper arm does. 

One favourite though is to gain a bit of weight. Put on a few pounds and you’ll plump up that Marilyn tatt nicely. Give the girl a botox shot by eating sticky buns.

So what are you waiting for? Do you really want to be the nursing home dork, and the only pensioner on the block with drab, pasty skin? Get down that tattoo parlour today. While you’re at it, have them throw in a couple of piercings. We hear they go great with a zimmer frame.