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Sweating less is no sweat with these 7 tips


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

Sweating less is no sweat with these 7 tips

Sweat is the bodies natural way of cooling itself in warm temperatures, but some suffer from excessive sweat and find it embarrassing. This guide shows how you can keep perspiration to a minimum.

Want to sweat less and smell sweet?

Apply antiperspirant when your underarms are just a little moist—after a shower or bath, for example. The active ingredients will enter your sweat glands more readily.


Eat your greens!

Have dark-green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale and parsley every night. They’re healthy and rich in chlorophyll, which has a deodorising effect on the body.


Buy natural-fibre clothes such as cotton

They allow skin to breathe, reducing body odour. Avoid synthetic fabrics, such as nylon or Lycra, which may restrict ventilation, and keep clothes loose fitting.


Take up yoga

After heat, stress is probably the top cause of sweating, so this will help you control perspiration and BO better.


Keep out of the sun

It’s a temptation to soak up the rays on a gorgeous day, but direct sunlight heats your body and makes you perspire.


Ward off smelly feet with odour-absorbing insoles

Foot odour is very common, so scrub your plates of meat daily and dry them thoroughly when you get out of the shower.


Trim armpit hair

This is more likely to apply to the gents, but less hair means fewer hiding places for bacteria and a more fragrant you.

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